who makes this bag?!?!? i need it!

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  2. can't see teddyandmoo pics.
  3. Oh my that is a nice looking bag! It looks like it takes some styling cues from the Fendi Spy Bag. Sorry, though I have no idea who makes it. It looks unique in that it has a shoulder strap on it as well.
  4. swankymamaof3 is there a different way I can post the pics so that you can see them?
  5. save the pics to your PC and attach them.
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  7. i hope i got the photos attached correctly this time...:yes:
    alba1.jpg alba2.jpg
  8. here it is on sienna...
    SIENNA1.jpg SIENNA2.jpg
  9. :biggrin: :biggrin: Thank you so much D&G Rockstar!!! You've made my day!!!
  10. ^^^^ No problem Reese : ). It's looks better IRL. I know the black leather bag in that style was approximately $1495. The suede version is probably a little less. And BTW, the long strap is long enough to cross it over your body. It's pretty nice. The SA was telling me that Miu Miu might be coming out w/ different fabrics/colors of that style for next spring.
  11. This is at Neimun Marcus (In Stock now!!)
    Price:$1295...gosh..i m drooling over it!! Should i, Shouldn't i?? [​IMG]
  12. Forgot to add.. the name of the bag is Scamosciato Matelasse Convertible Hobo.
  13. OMG I am in love!!! That bag is gorgeous! Definitely a must have.
  14. wow- Impressive bag for MIU MIU...I likey....LOL