Who Makes This Bag? I Must Have It! Please Help!

  1. Today I saw a woman with the most gorgeous bag. I was driving by so I could not ask her who made it (I suppose I could have rolled down my window and yelled but her but even I have my standards...)

    It was a shoulder bag, but the strap was very short, only long enough to just fit under her arm. The body of the bag (which was gorgeous red leather) appeared to be tiers of leather, one over the next, with the effect of a ruffled flamenco dancer's skirt. It was not huge, perhaps only about 18" wide, maybe 10" high. I actually think I have seen this bag around before, but I cannot remember where or who makes it.

    It was SO CUTE. Can any of you purse fiends help?

  2. I think that's a YSL. I'll look around.
  3. OK. Was it this bag in solid red? These are YSL ruffle bags.


  4. I think that's it! Thanks so much! The woman who was wearing the bag was exquisitely dressed, so it's not surprising it's YSL. Now all I gotta do is 1. find one, and 2. pay for it!
  5. Try eBay. The ones I showed you are listed now.
  6. Was it this? Dior Gipsy Ruffles Bag at NM.
  7. Oh, that's nice. ^^
  8. Oh my gosh, that Dior is beautiful! I think I might like that one even more than the YSL. I'm in trooooooublllllllle!
  9. That is such a beauty :heart: :drool:
  10. Crikey! It's way cool and it's way $2000.
  11. Rondafaye - you are awesome for guessing that one.
  12. love the dior, but i just can't fork out 2000 for a bag that i think i would be tired of in a year or two.
  13. Wow! The YSL bags are gorgeous! Are they current this season, by any chance?
  14. No, they have been around for awhile. I see them pop up on eBay quite often and they don't got for that high. (And nowhere near the price of the Dior.)
  15. That YSL bag is stunning!!