Who makes these peep toe shoes?

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  1. I am obsessed w/ these platform peep toed pumps that I see all the celebrities wearing. I have seen them on Beyonce and Kelly Ripa. They are platform heels (high, like 120 or 140 heel height) and they kinda have a peep toe that looks like the Louboutin minibout but the peep is higher up on the shoe. It isn't on the tip of the shoe, it is like up on top of where your big toe toenail would be. They are not by a super popular designer like Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or Manolo. I want to say Guisseppi Z. or something. Here is a pic of the Louboutin minibout for reference.
    This is going to sound weird but I know I have heard people reference that the peep toe hole is the shape of a nostril (I know, so gross) but it is, it is long and narrow rather than round.
    Does anyone know what shoes I am talking about or where to find them?
  2. OMG, Naomi, you are amazing! That is them! Does anyone know where I can get them below retail? Despite the fact that I have seen this style for at least the last year, it looks like they are still full price in the department stores and I have been scouring sites like Outnet & Bluefly w/ no luck.
  3. Glad you identified them. Now, good luck on your search:smile: