***WHO MAKES THESE? ID these SHOES, please***

  1. http://www.shopmanhattanite.com/images/medium/MKG-jules_black_front-SS09-lr_MED.jpg
  2. Picture 12.jpg
  3. Thanks hun. I'm finding similar shoes but not like these. I want them bad!
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  5. I know I could probably find a similar pair, but I really really want this pair of shoes. Please help!!
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    ^^^probably marc by marc jacobs
  7. I saw these shoes on the Banana Republic website, but they don't sell them nor does Piperlime. I have spent my morning searching for them - I've looked at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Saks, Neiman's, Barneys, Zappos and Shopbop, but am having no luck.

    If anyone has seen these please let me know.


  8. [​IMG]

    i'm in paris for the moment and i have seen girls sporting these babies... does anyone know the brand/stores/website i could find them on in either paris or the united states?

    also, would anyone know who this fashionista is? she was featured on style.com's paris fashion week, and i saw her on my street yesterday wearing knee high platforms

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    These are the Chloe Susan Studded Ankle boot, from f/w 08 and sold out... best bet would be ebay, otherwise they were widely done by many of the cheaper shoe brands ie. Steve Madden etc. Jeffrey Campbell also does a decent 'copy' of them, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative.

    And for some reason the link to the 'fashionista' isn't working for me... so I can't help there, sorry.
  11. is anyone abl to ID these? i have been trying to hunt for quite some time and no luck.

    from the kylie couture perfume ad.
    Kylie Couture Ad.jpg Kylie Couture Ad (1).jpg Kylie Couture Ad (2).jpg Kylie Couture Ad (3).jpg
  12. Please ID Reese Witherspoon's shoes.