Who makes the most natural under eye and general coverup?

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  1. In your opinion who makes a concealer for under the eyes and for unsightly blemishes that doesn't look like..you put concealer on! I bought a bobbi brown concealer for under the eyes, but it look so matte.. even the LM concealer bloomies put on me, I hated the texture. Please share your advice and experiences!
  2. I like cle de peau, you can apply it very sheer and when you want more coverage you can get that too. It is a little matte, but it's a treatment concealer so it sets but also keeps the eye area moisturized. I work for Laura Mercier and her concealers are nice in comparison to what's out there, but my cles de peau is amazing to me....everyone has different preferences though. Did they use the secret concealer on you from Laura? Secret concealer is in the pot, secret comoflage is in the pan/compact. Secret concealer is meant only for the eye area and is not matte and tends to have a coverage that sounds like what you're looking for, Secret Camo is more for the face but you can use it under your eyes when you mix with a little eye cream, I wonder if that's what they used on you because that consistency is not as nice as the concealer meant for your eyes (secret concealer)...
  3. Hey Lola, they used that brightening solution first? I've heard a lot of good things about it, and am wondering if I should pick that up as well. Then I think she used something out of a lipgloss wand tube type bottle. Maybe it was the one you were talking about, for I was a little dissapointed in some of her choices (usual SA for LM was busy and I was on the run) because I usually swear by their products like their tinted moisterizer:love: and lipgloss that my pup PUNCTURED! Second tube in less then two weeks, in a ZIPPED bag.. :hysteric: Yesterday I also bought the eyeliner & travel brush that you're suppose to wet the brush with. LOL and also thinking of their blush, the one with four colours to blend?
  4. I'm not too sure which one she used, but it was very matte.
  5. I tried a Benefit one from good reviews but it got cakey. I haven't found anything that doesn't look like I'm wearing any. Currently I don't use anything in particular because my Everyday Minerals foundation does a good job.
  6. touch eclat from YSL is wonderful!
  7. I use benefit...but NOT the BOING undereye concealer...I actually use the Playstick under the eye...its a super creamy stick that dries fairly matte. If I'm especially dark that day...I add bare minerals natural light (the ligher colored of the two shades). That gets rid of the dark circles in a flash.
  8. I'm using DiorSnow Pure UV Ultra Whitening Spot Corrector to hide my blemishes. Its not matte or cakey...its very easy to apply. For my under eye concealer...I'm currently using Benefit's Boi-ing...works for me though. I sure want to try Laura Mercier's concealer as I heard good things about it from friends.

  9. Touche eclat from YSL is great.
  10. Dior SkinFlash - this is similar to YSL Touche Eclat
  11. Biotherm Forget It Concealer is really blendable and has very good coverage for a liquid concealer. The only bad thing is it only comes in three shades, but if one of them suits you I think they work very well.
  12. thanks all!
  13. Hmmm, I'm only an event artist for them at this point (because I got a better full time job but still like to do this on the side) but I don't think anything new in concealers has come out since I last worked, sooooooo, the ONLY concealer looking item that I could think of in a lipgloss like wand tube is actually and eye basic (eye shadow base). Some artists will kinda use like a concealer but I don't recommend it myself, it's a little too matte IMO. The brightener is good, I think you would need to try it with the secret concealer (in a round pot meant for undereyes). I would really need to see you to know what would work best on your skin, but I think your SA may have tried something on you that's just not right for you.....
  14. Touche eclat is lovely, but it's a little more of a brightener than a concealer, it doesn't provide much coverage and some people may need to use it along with another opaque concealer, it's also great to keep in your bag to touch up during the day or after work!
  15. i also like bare minerals powder.. i like to take a little bit of moisturiser and put some bare powder in it and make a sort of paste and apply that under my eyes.. it tends to work wonders
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