who makes the most flattering khakis?

  1. my mom has always been really frugal with herself but super generous with everyone else. she has one pair of khakis that she constantly wears, and she's been getting tons of compliments on it. though she never wants to spend any money on herself, it's the first time she actually mentioned to me that she wants to get another pair of khakis. i've been dying to get her something better than all the cheap things she currently owns, but she always refuses for me to spend any money on her, so i'm thinking, perfect chance is here! her old pair is from old navy, and she wants to get another pair there, but i'm pretty sure there must be better fitting, higher quality khakis out there. what do you guys thinks of BR or Jcrew? Or are there designers like SFAM or COH or Paige who make better khakis?
  2. I have a really great pair from Victoria's Secret. They are from the Christy fit line and fit amazingly well. They are on sale right now for $29.99.
  3. I'd be careful getting J.Crew khakis. Most of the ones I've seen are very distressed and casual and may not be what your mom is looking for. I actually ordered a pair during their final sale last year to wear to work (no returns or exchanges allowed) and the description said NOTHING about distressing. Yet, when i got them, they were very broken in and the bottoms and pocket edges were frayed and there was no way I could wear them to work:wtf: Sorry I don't have any better advice on who does make good khakis - I'm still looking for good ones myself.
  4. I always think of Gap or Banana Republic for Khaki's.
  5. I love the J. Crew khakis, I can't think of anywhere else that has such classic styles.
  6. Love this new pair of J. Crew khakis...
    Simple and clean
  7. I was JUST looking at that pair! but i'm kind of worried about the distressing, due to what kate said about how the description didn't show it but it came very broken in with frayed edges...maybe i'll just have to stop by the store to check them out myself...!! thanks for the suggestions!! interesting how there are so many premium denim designers, but not for khakis/chinos...
  8. MaxMara?
  9. I look BR khakis. They're having a great sale at BR now(store and online) so I'd check that out.
  10. I actually live in Theory pants.Their Khakis are worth EVERY PENNY!
  11. ^^ i love theory pants! their max c pants fit me like a glove :smile:.
  12. I think your mom may like Chaiken or Theory pants. All my female friends love both these designers for pants and swear that they are the best things since sliced bread.

    As a guy, I spent alot on khakis and admit that I bought two pairs of men's khakis from Theory and LOVE them -- they are like butter on hot toast.
  13. Try Lee. Those are the ones that fit me best, and they also happen to be inexpensive, very durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

    They are cheapest at Wal-Mart and on eBay, but JC Penney can be counted on to have the widest selection. Or you can pay a little more and get them from the Lee company itself.
  14. If your mom likes the old navy pants AND is getting a lot of compliments on them, why don't you get her another pair?I know you want to get her something nicer, but if those pants look good on her, another pair (or two, you could get her the same cut in black or another color) might be the best choice.
  15. this is true. however, i think she only gets compliments on them because she's in china, where she says khakis are non-existent practically, and no one wears them...so people's compliments are like "oooo that looks all high class and foreign"....

    it just makes me sad because i personally think they look terrible on her :p esp. since i know how well people here rock their khakis...and i KNOW there must be another pair out there that is at least somewhat more flattering. thanks guys for all your suggestions - i will take her on a shopping trip when she comes so she can try on everything herself :yes: i think she will freak when she sees price tags for khakis that are above $15....lol..