Who makes the best wallets?

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  1. I'm looking for a new wallet, and I was hoping you guys could help me. I've had 2 LV wallets in the past, but I found them a little stiff. I was also looking at Hermes, but they're very pricey. Can anyone suggest a good wallet that will last a long time?
  2. I have a Jack Georges wallet that is beautifully made and durable and pretty!
  3. I have this Coach wallet that must be about 14/15 years old. I don't think they make them like that anymore though. Mine is 100% leather, none of that material that they use today. I still have it, still love it and is still in good condition.
  4. I like the bottega wallets but those are pricey also
  5. ^i don't mind pricey as long as it's worth the money!
  6. Balenciaga wallets are the best IMO. I have the Money wallet and it's perfect..the Compagnon is a bit bigger and has a zip closure so you can even use that as a mini clutch..it would only fit your phone/keys in though
  7. PRADA, PRADA, PRADA!!:yahoo:
    Especially the gauffre, zip close continental. Yummy!
  8. What kind of features do you prefer in your wallet?
  9. I prefer smaller wallets (I don't like long wallets)...I only need a few cc slots and a coin purse, really!

    p.s. who is that gorgeous girl in your avatar???
  10. I've had problems with LV myself in recent years (coin sections lined in plastic rather than the leather of old), but the one I bought 18 years ago is still going strong.

    Anyway, I think a lot of the brands out there will hold up as long as you consider the material. Smooth leathers, moc crocs, patents, glazed, painted, heavily stitched...will all show wear relatively quickly. Pebbled leathers will usually hold up well.

    The best wallet I've found for durability, outside of my old LV, is by aspinaloflondon.com. The Moc Croc wasn't my best idea, but someone I know ordered the regular leather in black, and they're thrilled with the durability. The drawback is that it's a little heavier, and it's a sizable wallet. Good for travelers in particular I would think. Good bang for the buck, too. I hate to pay a lot for something made in China.
  11. Try Aspinal of London - they are gorgeous.
  12. I loved my Ferragamo wallet, which I unfortunately lost. Planning on getting a new one soon.
  13. I found that Coach wallets hold up the best for me. I've been using a leather Coach wallet for 2 years straight and it still looks new.
  14. Looks like Namie Amuro. She just had a great new single coming out . [​IMG]
    But it might be someone else.
  15. Did you ever check out Marc Jacobs zip clutches? Very durable, great organization, and classic.