Who makes the best sunglasses?

  1. I am going on a flight end of March so get them duty free :biggrin:
  2. TOM FORD for sure!! LOVE them!!
  3. I love Chanel sunglasses and YSL.
  4. he definitely makes the coolest ones. but my first pair of whitneys broke (i've never broken sunglasses before) and my mother's pair of tom fords just broke too. it's such a shame..
  5. My faves are Versace.
  6. Tom Ford!
  7. I think either D&G or Chanel. However, I did see a lot of really cute Dior ones too.... :heart:
  8. my fav are chanels but i've been eyeing a pair of guccis lately too.

    i'm really surprised tom ford's broke. i've never broken any sunglasses either! they retail for 400+!
  9. Maui Jim and Cartier (for dressier occasions)

    my Chanels have been tossed after wearing MJs.
  10. imo, chanel's sunglasses have never lived up to the level of style that their ready-to-wear and other accessories live up to. most of them are fairly generic looked with big logos. not my cup of tea.

    i really like my pair of gucci's, they've held up well and most of their styles suit my face well. they also make a big range, so you can get flashy ones or more conservative.
  11. chanel hands down.. i wore gucci years ago and stopped liking the styles,although they have improved with the styles, I think chanels a variety of ranges.... but really I dont think either ONE brand of sunglasses is better than the other, it all depends on what you are personally looking for.. There are so many out there to choose from.. IMO all designers make styles that are drop dead gorgeous and some pew ones..although some styles and brands that make classics that will never go out of style.
  12. I love Chanel and Gucci.
  13. I like Ray Ban
  14. I like Gucci.. and I'm liking Tom Ford + LV..might buy a pair soon :smile:
  15. Personally, I like Armani and Gucci! They both make really nice sunglasses.