Who makes the best suits?

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  1. Hey guys - am about to head into a season of massive corporate interviews, and I don't even have a suit! Been buying so much stuff but not the one thing I actually need! :P Who makes the best quality, most flattering suits?
  2. Mens suits?? Oxxford
  3. theory makes the best suits for my petite frame. their pants fit like a glove!
  4. I agree^^ Theory suits are great! I also like some of the suit separates from the Limited, they are reasonably priced and cut well.
  5. hahaha....sorry i didn't clarify...for women, i meant. :shame:

  6. Yeah, I kind of made an assumption there. haha

    What about YSL, Herrera, & Chanel?
  7. T H E O R Y:yes: Their suits are just wonderful, my closet is full of Theory stuff, I just can't get enough:heart: :heart:
  8. Depends how much you want to spend.

    For around $500-$600, you can do Theory, which I think make the best suits under $1,000.

    I personally like Banana Republic suits. Great quality and cut (especially for petites) and very reasonable. I bought a black suit today (95% wool, 5% lycra) for around $300.
  9. I find Theory suits tend to be a bit lightweight and not really conservative or formal enough for my job, personally. I like Tahari, or for a lower price Banana and Ann Taylor are quite serviceable.
  10. Good advice you guys! Thanks! I will look at all of these you suggested! :yes:
  11. I like J. Crew best, with Theory in a close second (they don't fit me quite as well)
  12. Armani has the best fit for women.
  13. Armani, Dolce&Gabbana
  14. Dolce & Gabbana (though the suits may be too sexy....)
  15. The SA at Banana Republic told me that their suits are made in the same factory as the Armani suits. I don't need to wear suits so I don't know what the quality of the Banana Republic suits are like. I like their pants though.

    I also l:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: ve Theory too.
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