Who makes the best Blushes??

  1. I'm looking for a good blush for my face. I already have Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Bronze. It gives me a light pink on my cheeks.

    Right now, Im looking for a blush with peachy tones and also a little brown (thats two different colors I want)

    I say that to ask this, who makes really good blushes? Thank you for your input and I graciously await your response:smile:
  2. I really like NARS.

    My color is Orgasm.
  3. nars orgasm!
  4. Nars Orgasm for me too!
  5. Nars is my favorite. :tup:They have so many colors to choose from.
    Mac MSF comes to second.
  6. Nars is my favorite as well. I have orgasm, sin & another slightly darker peachy shade than orgasm. They have a good variety of colors.
  7. Clinique's Powder Blush in Breathless Berry. Staying power kinda sucks, though.
  8. I bought Nars Orgasm because of the # of rave reviews here.
    I LOVE the color, but it's pretty sparkly IMO. . . I can only use it on my cheeks, then I dust a glitter free bronzer on my nose and temples.
  9. Some are more shimmery than others - they do have colors with no shimmer if that would work better. I think in the description it says with or without shimmer. I have both types - my darker peachy shade is no shimmer.
  10. armani blushes!!!!!!!
  11. NArs orgasm or Chanel Reflex for powder blushes

    I actually mix a powder and cream....nars cactus flower (cream) with chanel reflex (power) over it or i put Nars orgasm (powder) over instead
  12. Nars Orgasm for me too :smile:
  13. wow I'll have to try Nars orgasm. I have Nars Deep throat blush color. nice names haha
  14. Been using body shop's for years. Quite good colors, and what's important is it doesn't give my skin a bad reaction, like blackheads/pimples for example.
    I don't wear blusher everyday, only on special occasions when I put full makeup.

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: thats what i was about to say!