Who makes Rachel Bilson's Chain Hobo in Carmel color?

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I was wondering if any of you knew who makes Rachel Bilson's Carmel color chain hobo I recently saw in People mag? There is also recent pics of her at Chroma with it as well on 1/18? It look Isabella Fioreish, but I am not sure.

  2. Freakin' gorgeous! :love:
  3. That's delicious! I love Rachel!
  4. That is beautiful!

    That's the 2nd Zac Posen that's caught my eye!!!
  5. yes.. she got a nice bag... :biggrin:
  6. Yup that is it! I was wondering if it was a Zac Posen, heck I even checked NAP too! Anyway, beautiful, but a little too $$$ for me.

  7. i love that zac posen olivia bag but the one in brown & greenish
  8. I love Rachel's bag!
  9. Rachel loves Zac Posen

  10. The bag is on sale on Shopbop.com in the green/brown version.