Who makes nice leather bags lately?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am on the hunt for a new leather bag that is medium to large in size, preferably worn on the shoulder and is a great quality, slouchy (not stiff) leather. Also not too expensive, definitely not willing to pay more than $600, and even that is high for me right now. Does anyone have any recommendations for bag designers? Thanks, I would appreciate it!

    ps. I love red, black, and tan/brown!
  2. i was going to say balenciaga, but they're def. more than 600 :p
  3. well it's not slouchey but my latest purchase was a platinum grey medium hobo by Dooney & Bourke, and i'm in love with it. the leather is perfect. i couldn't ask for more out of the bag, especially for the STEAL of a price i paid! Coach always has gorgous leather too, but if you want a really good price, lovely leather, comfort, slouch, etc etc, try Wilsons Leather they're not expensive, i own 3 purses by them and love all 3! most recently i got the Rainbow Flap Hobo and matching Checkbook by wilsons, but i'm still head over heels for my new Dooney!

    ... the wilsons hobo sounds a lot like what you described too. i'll include pix of both!
    MyNewDooney!.jpg RainbowFlapHobo.jpg
  4. How about a Bulga Butterfly Tote?



    I don't have one, but lots of other members do and they seem to really love it. The bag costs under 500 dollars.

    ETA: I just found a cream one and a brown one for 210 dollars each. At Frosting Fashions (I've never purchased from them, so I have no idea if that's a reputable site).
  5. coach legacy lines
  6. Goldenbleu bags are really nice (great leather), and the customer service is excellent.

    Gracygirl.com has the Goldenbleu "Delia" on sale for 385 dollars:

    Active Endeavors has a "Devon" bag in Suede on sale for 334 dollars (named after me, of course :p ).


    Label 360 has several colors of the Goldenbleu "Jordan" bags for 560 dollars:


    Good luck!
  7. passerby, this is cute :yes:
  8. I also found a Goldenbleu Devon bag in chocolate colored leather and camel colored leather, both on sale for 200 dollars at Girl du jour. You can't tell from these pics, but the Devon can be worn on the shoulder (there are pics of Cameron Diaz doing so).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also a Goldenbleu Lola Gromet bag for 200 dollars on the same site:

  9. I should've mentioned this before instead of posting again (sorry), but I just thought of it. You should check out Tano bags. They don't usually cost more than 250 dollars (at most), and a lot of people here vouch for their great quality.

    Must Have Bag is the authorized online dealer, but Luna Boston and other sites sell them too.

    Here are some examples of their bags (taken from Must Have Bag):

    Jet Setter (179 dollars):

    Loop di Loop (149 dollars on sale):

    Old School (on pre-order):

    Depeche (175 dollars):
  10. Hi seahorseinstripes, I agree with you :smile: However, the bag I'd love to buy if I were to win the lottery would be the Jas MB bag :smile:
  11. Thank you everyone, I love these suggestions! It's so hard to choose! I am currently obsessed with finding one. It's terrible, really. :smile: The pink Goldenbleu Delia and that tan Jetsetter are beautiful, Dev!
  12. Kooba, Botkier and BE & D are in that price range.

    The an inexpensive but nice option is Wilson's Leather.
  13. And thank you for all the photos, too, everyone!!!!