Who makes Mary Kate Olsen's clutch!?

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  1. Anyone know who makes this clutch? Thanks!

  2. I think it's the Miu Miu Oversized suede clutch which i saw on Netaporter
  3. Yep, definitely Miu Miu.
  4. Here is a pic from NAP

  5. thank you so much everyone!
  6. Its tie-dyed suede.
  7. Yes, it's Miu Miu. I just saw this same bag at Saks - it is currently on sale for 30% off. Call Saks in NYC, they had a few of them. I was looking at it but thought that it was too big for me. But I do love it. They also had the same clutch in white leather - but I think that the blue suede tie dye is much prettier.
  8. It's gorgeous!
  9. i LOVE this bag... but unfortunately, can't find it in me to pay the $1000 sale price for it.
  10. net-a-porter has it on sale for $665. It is adorable.