Who makes Lindsay's pink scarf?

  1. Anyone know? I love it!


  2. Sorry can't help ya, but it is really pretty!
  3. I know! I haven't even been able to find something similar by Googling!
  4. Ahhh crap...they are 79.00 and were featured just recently in Life & Style. I don't remember the name though.
  5. The one at shopintuition.com is made of synthetic materials. I'd advise you to try thepashminastore.com. They have the pashmina scarf like Lindsay's. . . . check out the sheer and feather-light in the 100% pashmina (ring style), which is a bit lighter than most.
  6. thanks, girls!! :tup:
  7. i just got a really nice one on eBay $5 shipped and its super soft and light weight.