Who Makes Kim's Bag?

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  1. Does anyone know who designs Kim's bag? I feel like I should know this, but :shrugs:

  2. Ooh I would like to know too!
  3. how about her shades?
  4. The sunglasses look like the ones that someone is asking about in a thread on Rachel Zoe, but I don't know who makes those either :sad:
  5. her sunglasses are from dvb by victoria beckham..

    i would love to know who makes her bag too!
  6. Me too!!!
    This bag is gorgeous...
  7. no one on the bag? :shrugs:
  8. I was just looking in this month's Elle Mag, and I saw the bag in python, its by Fendi
  9. Thanks! Did they say where you could get the bag at? I checked online and on Fendi's site but haven't been able to find it yet :crybaby:
  10. OK, I was looking at the bag again, and it looks really similar,but I don't think the exact bag. However, I promise I will continue to look until I find it!!:okay:
  11. To be honest, Kim's bag looks kind of cheap... so, I hope it isn't Fendi! =/
  12. This is the newest Chloe bag
  13. ^Thanks!
  14. Nice- thanks!!!!