Who makes Jennifer´s bag?

  1. Please help me find out where is this bag from, I love it!! Thanks a lot for any help:heart:
    Jenn 2.jpg Jenn 1.jpg
  2. Zagliani metallic python bag

    Did a quick search, Saks has it. Link to bag
  3. Yup. This is Zagliani.
  4. Thanks a lot guys!!!
  5. Yikes. Only $2800? Why not pick up one in each color? :roflmfao:

    Very pretty, though, for those who have that kind of $$ to burn! (What do you bet Jenny-from-the-Block got hers for free? OH, SWEET IRONY!!!) :shocked:
  6. Nice bag...awful price!
  7. I have this bag in silver and the price tag was pretty hefty (I didn't pay this, mine was around $1800, but I had a discount code) but it is a total work of art in real life, the python skin drapes beautifully and is amazingly rouched aroung the seams. The interior is lined in chocolate suede. The bag is totally stunning, when I first saw it I just thought it loked like it had been put together by a master craftsman, it is TDF. (I bought mine from www.MatchesFashion in UK).
  8. That is gorgeous. Thanks for the link, I had never heard of that designer before.