Who makes Hilary Duff's bag?

  1. any help would be appreciated
  2. I believe that is from Marc Jacobs from his Punk line..... but i could be wrong!
  3. i love the boots! have no idea about the bag though :shame:
  4. yes. its a Mark Jacobs bag :smile:
  5. Thanks for the info!! I take it, since it's from 2006 it's no longer available?
  6. She looks pretty and I love that bag, too! Unfortunately out of my price range.
  7. wow its so cute.
  8. SWEET PUNK is a more expensive line among Marc Jacobs bags; they are hand made, the leather is just wonderful. Released at the end of 2006, certain styles/colors might be still available at selected stores. Nordstrom's buyers didn't get any style from this line, I have seen them at Neiman Marcus, Barney's, and Saks.

    LVR is having a 30% off selected MJ bags, black SID is one of them.