Who makes great lambskin leather handbags?

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  1. I am looking for a really soft leather bag (I love the feel of lambskin leather). Any suggestions for brands that use this really soft leather?
  2. Chloe and Kale have some great lambskin leather bags.
  3. Chanel. Expensive, but imo the best.
  4. Chloe bay bags are lambskin. There are a few Hayden-Harnetts in lambskin (the Sloane in particular) that are lovely soft leather.
  5. Balenciaga! Used to be goatskin which was even softer, but they now use lambskin.
  6. Ellen Tracy, 49 Square Miles
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I am falling in love with the Kale Palmer. Does anyone have this bag? Can it fit well on the shoulder?
  8. Will second 49 Square Miles, they have the squishiest, most divine lambskin leather I have ever felt. :cloud9:

  9. Loewe
  10. Agree about 49 Square Miles! Also my Botkier Bianca is incredibly soft lambskin leather, as is my Dior Cannage hobo (but my Balenciaga IS the softest):love:
  11. Chanel