Who makes good shoes?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wonder who make the best shoes? Manolo Blanik... who else? I'm looking for black flats.
  2. London Sole makes great flats for around $160+
  3. Lanvin flats are the best I've ever tried, very solid construction and soooooo comfy, but they are hard to find unfortunately. I bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik flats but had to return them because the pointy toe box was squishing my toes, I guess it just depends on the shape of your feet whether you can wear them. I think there may be some that are less pointy though. Good luck!
  4. Thanks. Don't think I can find Lanvin in Perth, Australia! Been looking at Ferragamo... See how it goes. Can't find Monolo either!
  5. Great question. What about Delman?
  6. I like Marc by Marc Jacobs for flats. They're definetly not the best quality shoe you can buy (although they're not bad at all) but I love the styles.
  7. My favorite black flats are my Cynthia Rowley "Skate" pair. They required 1 day of breaking in but now are very comfortable. London Sole is okay, but for casual wear only for me- their shoes aren't as structured or professional looking as some other flats.
  8. ^ Wow! There are some great shoes in there! Thanks for this! I may blog her in the near future, do you mind?
  9. Cool. Thanks. Am looking at them now...
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