who makes burberry watches?

  1. I don't know who makes them but just wanted to say -- pretty watch! :smile:
  2. Bulova =]
  3. I have to be honest,Burberry buy movements from someone else,can't remember who,but don't worry they are of a good enuogh quality to not let down the whole branding etc.It is a fairly common practice and its usually only the very big expensive watch houses that make all their own movements etc in house and these watches always command a very high price that reflects that,but unfortunately puts them of of most peoples price range .I have worked with Burberry watches before and in my experience were very reliable good looking watches that are not cheap,but not bank breakers either!!!!
  4. Burberry watches are made by Montres Antima SA ("Antima") located in Bienne, Switzerland. Antima, established in 1919, designs, sources and assembles Swiss-made watches under both owned and private label brands. Meliga serves as a component sourcing group offering watch bands, cases and other watch ... Antima Watches has been creating fine timepieces since its beginnings in 1919. With over 82 years and four generations of watchmakers creating the Antima watches, they are recognized around the world for their precision technology and classic design. In addition to producing Antima watches, the company assembles watches under private label brands. Testimony to their high regard Antima in 2006 created the first luxury watch for Georgio Armani. The Borgi 21 retailing for US$10,000 is sold exclusively through Georgio Armani stores. Fossil, a US watch manufacturer purchased Antima along with two other Switzerland based companies and the Antima brand continues to be manufactured by Fossil. With workshops located in Biel-Bienne, Antima is located at the center of the Swiss watch making industry.

    Antima watches integrate precious metals and an exemplary finish. New collections regularly grow upon the existing unique selection of watches. Although all Antima watches share the same technical expertise they are presented in a wide variety of designs. Antima watches are made of stainless steel, gold-steel, or gold-plate. Specialties include mechanical, manual and automatic movements, including dual time zone watches. Straps are created in a range of veal leather or imitation crocodile, lizard or ostrich skin. Polished, matte, or black stainless steel is used in the bracelet designs. Our management team consists of members who bring valuable years of experience to Antima and includes:

    Diarmuid Bland, Director - Product and Design Development, has worked in the watch industry for more than 28 years. First he worked for 17 years in Hong Kong in the design and manufacturing sector after which he moved to Dallas, USA, and joined Fossil Inc. in 1996. He was SVP of design and product development of all watch products: his brand responsibilities included Fossil, Armani, DKNY and Diesel. His career spans continents and in 2004 he moved to Switzerland where he was responsible for the Swiss Made brands, including Zodiac, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and the Private Label branch.

  5. At one point i know Movado made watch for them.
  6. Swiss Business
    In 2001, Fossil completed the acquisition of three separate companies located in Bienne, Switzerland. Through this acquisition, the Company obtained the design, sourcing and production capabilities necessary to manufacture Fossil's entrée into the Swiss business, allowing it to market to an important consumer segment with unique tastes for Swiss made designs. Another important facet of this business is Fossil's ability to leverage the Swiss infrastructure with key licensing relationships including the Burberry license. The Swiss Division, Montres Antima SA, handles the design, manufacturing, distribution, and merchandising of Burberry timepieces.

    Fossil has become one of the most innovative companies in the world market and continues to reinforce its initial philosophy of constantly pushing the boundaries of design, innovation and technology all symbolized by its products and its people. WHAT VINTAGE ARE YOU?™, that is the heart and soul of Fossil.

    So it sounds like it's still Montres Antima who makes them? I have one Burberry watch and it says swiss-made.
  7. Didn't know that Fossil makes Burberry watches...
  8. Fossil makes Burberry along with others. You can buy Burberry watches from fossil outlet stores a lot cheaper but the box is for sale.
  9. Depends on the watch, the new Burberry Britain watch is manufactured by another company although I forgot which one.
  10. Wow, news to me about fossil. I knew they made DKNY. Got mine bc hubby got me the quilted tote n I didn't like it, so exchanged it for the watch n a bathing suit.