Who made this AMAZING top worn by rachel bilson on CHUCK pleaseeeeee

  1. who makes this top rachel wore on chuck? Its SOOO AMAZING i love the sleeves i had this idea a while ago and never designed it...
  2. french connection mad ea top that looked just like this a couple seasons back. i can't seem to find it oneline anymore but will keep looking :tup:.
  3. That is adorable, I will be on the lookout for you!
  4. so i can't find the exact one but here are a few that are similar in style....

    this one's from guess-i would like it a lot more if it didn't have guess across the chest [​IMG]

    this one's available from overstock.com-it's by a brand called to the max and it's only $32.99 [​IMG]

    the next two are less similar but the feeling of the tops are similar to rachel's (both from asos.com)

  5. ^^^ the last two are sooo pretty :biggrin:
  6. Wow, jc -- those are all beautiful options!
  7. They are really nice. I like the pink and light grey ones.
  8. OOOOO you all are so brilliant THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i love the guess one!!!
  9. i wonder if her shirt is by JUICY
  10. oo cute! I wonder who makes it also
  11. so cute!!! i love rachel's style!!!!
  12. I just bought one from H&M that looks just like it.