Who LvOeS their Galliera??

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  1. Im so torn...I was tryin to go for somethin NeW by getting the Totally in Azur(would be my 1st Azur)BuT now I am back to the Galliera Gm(Mono)...I was In LvOe with it until I saw IRL(seemed awkard) BuT, I am seeing on here how much this bag is adored by its owners...Hmmm Now I need help in deciding? Input much appreciated...If u have either of these bags ...Thanx
  2. I went back and forth too, but I love it. I am for sure getting it. You should too!!
  3. I have the Mono Galliera PM. I bought it right when it first came out and I loved it. I wore it almost everyday for almost 2 years. But sadly lately I grown out of love with it because of the black marks left by the rings. I think the earlier models had this "defect" but the later ones should be better. My Galliera looks really worn and I take great care of my bags. Oh well.
  4. I LOVE mine!!!! I had it for almost 2 years now and it's my favorite bag. Very stylish and comfortable to carry.
  5. I love mine! I got the the PM in Azur awhile ago and it's awesome. I usually mainly in the summer.
  6. I love mines too!!! :biggrin:
  7. Thanx for opinions!! Now, Azur or Mono? Hmmm
  8. mono galliera for sure
  9. I'm DYING to buy a Galliera in Azur. I've even had the money set aside for the past couple weeks. I just can't decide on the PM or the GM sizes. And I don't live anywhere even remotely close to an LV store/boutique so I'm not able to try them on :crybaby: I absolutely despise the hassle of dealing with returns. So I'm currently at a stand still....
  10. I love my azur pm :smile: Its comfy to wear.
  11. Omaha, buy it from vuitton.com. Returns are a breeze. I would buy both and return one if I were you.
  12. mono!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  13. azur!!!
  14. I'll let you know as soon as it finally arrives! :graucho: But I've tried it on many times and I just adore it. For me it's only a bit awkward when it's full too much - like if you put a towel in it or something, because then it's hard to keep your arm down while it's on your shoulder. The strap is a bit short, I will say, but again, if it isn't too full that's not a problem for me.
  15. I have an azur pm and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it