Who loves White Asparagus?

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  1. I do! :smile:
  2. And here is some more information about it:

  3. I also enjoy it!!
  4. I had White Asparagus today - and it was just great! :smile:
  5. Love it!
  6. We can buy white asparagus here that is already peeled.
    What about you?
  7. Yesterday we had White Asparagus - and today we 'll have White Asparagus again.

    And when did you last have White Asparagus?
  8. I live in Austria and it's asparagus season now. I had the white version 1-2 weeks ago. I just had green one today (quickly sauteed in butter) and will probably chop it into beef stock as a light side dish. I also love asparagus with sauce Hollandaise or a nice asparagus cream soup.