Who loves wedding shows????

  1. I'm so addicted to watching wedding shows, especially Who's Wedding Is It Anyway!!

    Who else is with me??
  2. Watching anything wedding-ish makes me want to get married or just plan my far far far away future wedding.
  3. I'm addicted to wedding shows, but I'm getting married in 6 months so I am extra interested in them! After my wedding, they will probably make me sad!
  4. My interest has changed over the years depending on why I watched them. Remember the Wedding Story (I think that was the name) on TLC? I watched that faithfully once my son was engaged so I could pick up ideas and learn what to avoid. Around then I hung out on The Knot to pick up do's and don'ts (I didn't want to be one of those mothers of the groom that everyone complains about).

    Now I watch them for fun--Platinum Weddings, Bridezillas.

    If I were younger and planning a wedding, it would be overwhelming--it's become a huge industry with details no one ever thought about years ago! My hat's off to you younger women who manage to plan a wedding and not go insane doing it!
  5. LOVE wedding shows, wedding parties, wedding dresses, anything that has to do with weddings, I've always been obsessed with weddings ever since I was a very small girl, however I'm not very fond of marriage lol.
  6. LOVE wedding shows!!!

    And magazines! LOL
  7. I do, but theyre all soo lavish that I end up wanting everything they have... only problem is.. I dont have all that money!!!
  8. ^LOL, but you have to keep it in perspective--sometimes the really lavish weddings can kinda end up looking kinda tacky...just too MUCH, KWIM?

    I am all about an elegant, "simple" wedding without a lot of the floof.
  9. I enjoy the show "Whose Wedding is it Anyway" when I come across it. I find it entertaining.
  10. I love watching them as well.
  11. I love watching wedding shows in the UK! We have a wedding channel,I also like rich bride poor bride! In the USA, you have much more choice and lots of information.X
  12. Um I LOVE WEDDING SHOWS! If my BF and I were to get married (been together three years sept 10th :smile: ), we would get engaged next year (after we are both graduated) and then get married the following year (we will ideally have jobs so we can save up). Neither of us wants a long engagement. I just love watching these shows and dreaming and getting ideas! I just hope I don't become a bridezilla! I def am a perfectionist and want things EXACTLY the way I want them. Fingers crossed that I chill out by then!
  13. Yes! That's the one where the random family members are in charge, right?
  14. Me me me! My favorite is Rich Bride Poor Bride.
  15. Sometimes I get in the mood for them, and then I will just turn it on and let WeddingVision play on in the background while I do whatever I am doing. My favorite planners are Donnie Whatshisname from Texas, and Lynette or Lynnyette? from Baltimore. Oh and Steve, the cartoon character dude who actually owns more than one sports coat printed with large, brightly colored cabbage roses.