Who loves Trinny and Susannah?

  1. I think they are great! So honest, funny and actually kind (in the cruel to be kind sense), I really miss their shows
  2. I love them too!
    I have their book:shame:
  3. I really miss their show; they were great.
  4. i love them! i always wished their episodes were an hour instead of 30 minutes. they are soooo much better than our knock-off version here in the USA
  5. I'm a fan too, & I have the book as well.
  6. i have one of their books, and i loved them when they presented 'what not to wear', but i'm not too keen on their new show.
  7. Yes, I prefer what not to wear, when they concentrate on one person. It is interesting how it changes some of the ladies lives for the better and then others just go back to the way they were.