Who loves their Chanel shoes?

  1. Since you all love chanel handbags, do you also love chanel shoes? Do you collect them as well?
  2. I have 3 pair of ballet flats...love them all. I find them to be very comfy even if I am wearing them all day. Some of the other styles are too narrow for my feet !!
  3. I have 2 pairs of ballet flats and I love them!
  4. I have a pair of black stretch leather knee boots that are my favorite shoes ever. Gorgeous, well made and fit like they were made just for me.
  5. I think I'll start a new thread in the Reference Library, I'd love to see some of your Chanel kicks!:yes:
  6. shoes shoes shoes
    yeah swanky !!1
    all i wear are chanel shoes/sandals-
    they are so comfortable
  7. I love Chanel shoes too...have 3 pairs now.:heart:
  8. I love Chanel Shoes I have 2 pairs of the classic ballet flats, 1 Cambon flats, 1 pair of gladiator sandals, 1 pair of slingbacks and 2 pairs of sneakers. I love them all!!!!!!
  9. boy do I!!
  10. I have 2 flats and 1 heels.. :love: have only used 1 flats but i love them all anyway :tender:
  11. Chanel makes lovely shoes! I have 2 pairs of boots, D'Orsay pump, Cambon ballet flat, and at least a dozen more I could never part with! And they are so comfy, too.
  12. More than I care to admit I have.

    Here's a pair of my favs:
  13. Chanel from 07:

  14. From 06:
  15. Classic Dorsays: