Who loves the newer Coach more than Legacy??

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  1. This is totally not to trash the legacy stuff or those that love it!!! It's more about feeling the love for newer Coach.

    I am not a legacy girl (put away your weapons!) :P

    I got into Coach just last year and at that time I didn't even know what Legacy meant. Of course now I do, and I know what that stuff looks like, but honestly, I have no desire to acquire it.

    Is there anyone else out there who loves the newer Coach and has no desire for the older stuff? That's not to say that you don't appreciate it, but you don't feel the need to have it in your collection either!

  2. ME! I find it tends to look very dated. Not that I am really a fan of trendy stuff, but the newer stuff is just nicer! With the exception of the poppy line, of course. That stuff I just entirely dislike!
  3. I guess I'm kind of in between. There are a few Legacy pieces I like, but when I think of the Legacy stuff I think of what Coach came out with in 06-07. That's the Legacy stuff I like. Thick leather, heavy hardware...With that said, I don't care for the Poppy stuff. It's just a little too "loud" for my taste, but that's just me. I do like the Madison and Peyton lines, but not crazy for Garnet, Alex, or Kristin lines. See what I mean? LOL
  4. Can't we like both?
  5. Crissy - I Love this thread...

    I do very much Love the Legacy, Bleeker, Hampton, Tattersall ect... lines and have serveral bags of each of these lines..

    That said I really love the newer and new lines.. Madison -(Sabrina, Julianne, Audrey, Maggie, Carryall) Poppy, Peyton ext...

    I think the people who have been involved with Coach for several years compare Legacy to much with other lines..

    Legacy was created with Thick Leather and Heavy Hardware and that is what makes it beautiful, collectable and long lasting but not attactive to everyone.

    I love the Light weight feel of the Peyton & Maggie the fun look of the Poppy. Madison line has become such a popular line. Sabrina still sells like hot calkes long after the line was removed for the Coach site..
  6. Sure you can - but there seems to be so much love for Legacy, I just wanted to create some love for new Coach too. :smile:
  7. I like legacy line a lot. However, most of the bags I consider them to be quite huge for me. So far I have to legacy pieces and both are small bags. I love how the ergo and Ali look. I just don't know if they will look good on me. I always see this lady carrying her wishkey Ali and I absolutely love it. I just think is big for
    me. There are newer stuff that I also like such as large peytons and when I tried them it just look enormous. I'll have to say that both legacy and newer stuff attracs me the same, considering the older stuff have better leather and may seem to
    last longer.
  8. I like both. Some of the new bags I just do not find liking myself (like Poppy), but there were some Legacy bags I do not like (Lily, Gigi) Gasp, I know...whats wrong with me?
  9. I like both, with my tastes going for certain bags over others. Love me some Madison, love gigi, lily, bridgit.......not a fan of poppy or the legacy flap bags (don't shoot me). There's at least one bag I like every season.
  10. I have never been a huge legacy fan. (a few of the styles I do love though). I seem to like the less structured bags. Legacy is so darn heavy too.
    I guess I have to say that over the years there are bags I love and don't love so much out of each collection. I really like the Kristin line right now. :smile:
  11. I've never had a really nice Legacy bag...I've always said I'd love to invest in one...If I do, then ok, if I don't, I have my Poppy Patent Sm/med. Spotlight that makes me quite happy as well as 3 other Great bags that are Not Legacy.....So to each her own...I know there are some die hard Legacy Lover's and thats Great...I 've seen some of their bags and they are Gorgeous....:smile:
  12. For me, it's on a piece by piece basis. I'm not a fan of the way some of the legacy leathers scratch easily, and I don't like extremely heavy bags. That being said, I LOVE the legacy linings and hardware!
  13. I was curious about this too lol. I am in between even though i just started buying coach last year, i have known about legacy and (don't kill me) i really don't like the style on a lot of legacy bags, i feel they look kinda old fashioned. The lining is cute, but not cute enough to make me buy a bag that's crazyness for me. I only really like the peyton, gigi and brigit that's about it.

    As for the new line i really don't like poppy bags maybe the book tote for school and some accessories are cute. I am more of a kristin and kira lover. Those bags look classy and i love my kristin. I also love my Hailey. To each their own i guess. Good Post!!!
  14. I think Legacy is a very particular line...one you either love, or you don't. You have like heavy leather, you have like hardware, you have to like your bags to have meat on them. They certainly aren't for everyone.
  15. I guess for the right price I could be convinced to like ANYTHING :smile: that said... if it doesn't fit what works for me... I wont' get it... like the Lily.