Who loves Sally Hansen?!

  1. I love sally hansen very much that i need to order them directly from USA! They have it here in Hong Kong but it is very rare and some of them are old already! I need to get a lot of them always on eBay and I'm very much addicted to it.. It's very healthy on my nails, prevents it from chipping and has nice colors and dries very quick! :biggrin:
  2. I don't know if I can say I love it, but I have several Sally Hansen nail polishes and they work just fine, and are very cheap in the US, you can get it in the drugstore.
  3. The one Sally item I keep coming back to is the Miracle Growth polish. I find it really makes a difference on how fast my nails grow!
  4. The nail growth activator is amazing. I've tried calcium, prenatals, cuticle oils... pretty much everything. It's the only thing that works for me!!!
  5. I like their producst. Also reasonable priced!
  6. i love their diamond lip glosses. I also just got the lip plumper and I think that it works just as well as the more expensive brands.
  7. I just mentioned in another thread how much I like their wax strips. I just bought a french manicure kit today- it has a white nail polish pen and I'm hoping it will be so easy that even I can use it. Hee hee, we'll see.:rolleyes: I have an opal polish thats kind of pretty too. My mom had a two part hand treatment that I tried and loved but I can't seem to find it anywhere where I live.
  8. love their 18 hr hand cream, their nail polishes, and their diamond lip treatment glosses.

    very underrated brand IMO
  9. I love their pedicure products!
  10. Just bought some today for $2 off and I LOVE it!:yahoo: