Who loves Radley bags?

  1. Cute but never heard of them before now
  2. Never heard of them before- thanks for sharing the website...:smile:
  3. Yes yes - I love these bags! The little scottie dog logo is so cute, they are a British brand and are widely available in dept stores here. Definitely on my wish list (though that list gets more and more crowded!)
  4. I have received them as gifts since they are unavilable in the states. I love them and think they're perfect for fun summer bags.
  5. Never heard of them before, but they look like fun, summery bags!
  6. They're very popular where I live and they're also pretty affordable as they have wide selection of sizes, designs and prices. I've had a couple and they're good quality, well made, easy to care for and the leather is always good quality. They change their designs frequently, mainly seasonally. Some can be quite fun and girly but others are more for everyday. From looking at their website, I think they seem to be getting a lot more fashionable and those bags they've got on their home page look really good!
  7. I know these well because of the Scottie dog. My mother-in-law has one but I don't own one myself. They look like very good quality but a little bit too 'cute' for me.
  8. I have quite a few Radley bags :yes: This is the one I have today


    I'm looking to get one of the Signature range soon, there's always a few on ebay!
  9. I have one, the pockets bag which is very plain. I like the grey Epsom one.
  10. I have a Walkies pochette, so cute! Very pleased with the quality. I hope a Walkies in the larger size doesn't pop up in the USA or I will be forced to buy it as well.
  11. I have one that I picked up in Italy two years ago. If they were readily available in the US I would probably have a closet full. :yes:

    Ooh... this thread is OLD...
  12. I have a pink purse I use sometimes, but the bags are a little old for me IMO.
  13. I'd never heard of them until just now. They look cute! I noticed several on their site that I like a lot. Anyone know if they are available anywhere in the U.S.?
  14. I think they are really cute! My friend for one for christmas and I recognized it from an ad I saw in a magazine..cute bags!!