Who Loves Noce ? And worries about pale leather...

  1. So after playing with the Pyramid bag yesterday, which was in Noce Umbria, I am falling for that color more and more.

    Originally I thought that if I bought another BV, I would opt for a lighter leather, like blonde or camel. But to be honest, I am terrified of how wear will look on those soft and delicate leathers, esp the handle. I can just imagine scuffed corners and grayed, frayed edges showing up clear as day on the almost-white woven leather. I HATE the appearance of dirty white handbags.

    Noce is a classic color, and a lovely caramel shade. I am now less concerned with having a collection that is "balanced", and may stick with hardier materials for my light-colored bags, like LV azur canvas.

    So those who have chosen Noce, is it spectacular? Does it break in beautifully? thanks....
  2. I don't have Noce but I share your worries on pale leathers. Last year I put my fears aside and bought an ivory coloured leather bag. Everything was fine for about a week but I did have to baby it because it seemed to pick up dust like a magnet. Anyways I went to pick up my daughter from pre-school and I didn't notice that she had just received a red ink "Happy Face" stamp on the back of her hand. She just brushed her hand against my bag and the next thing you know I had red inkmarks at the front of my bag. I could have cried (I did for about a week). I tried everything to get the mark out including taking it to the professionals but only succeeded in fading it a light pink.

    Needless to say the bag is now in a dustbag and I can't bring myself to look at it or ever buy a light coloured bag again even though they look sooo pretty.
  3. syma, sorry to hear about your bag; I completely understand where you are coming from. I also like things to be near perfect and once something is ruined to me, I have a hard time using it (even if the defect is barely noticeable to others). I have also had unfortunate accidents with children. It never ceases to amaze me that whenever I get my coat dry cleaned, my son manages to spill something on me!
  4. Thanks, you guys. I think I would really regret spending that kind of money on such a vulnerable bag.

    So anyone have any love for noce leather?
  5. syma, sorry to hear what happened to your bag. :cry:

    jane, I have a noce perforated medium veneta and I LOVE it. I bought it last August and I used it quite often during the summer, the color of the leather still looks perfect. Whereas compare to the quarzo veneta I bought couple of months ago, the color was fading due to rubbing against clothes...and one time I use it when I was wearing a denim jacket, guess what, the denim color was 'rubbed' to the quarzo leather....I am so sad.
  6. sigh, my heart is heavy, but since I am about to leave my job and move, I simply can't justify a $2000 bag right now. Snif. Luckily, noce will always be around, and hopefully this pyramid hobo will be for a while, too. :crybaby:

    I am selling a couple of my bags this month, and to satiate my need for a light brown leather bag, I found this kooba on sale for 30% off at Shopbop :graucho:


    no tax and free shipping. I feel a little better.

    I'll always love you BV! Until we meet again, when I can afford you...
  7. So sorry to hear that Jane, hope you get your BV soon
    J119, Thanks for feeling my pain, children and designer leather goods rarely mix.
    Lemontart, the colour transfer issue is also another reason I'd stay away from light coloured bags.
  8. Jane, sorry to hear that you'll have to wait for your BV, but I really like the Kooba you've chosen!
  9. I own a Large Noce Veneta and I love it! It's turned out to be far more versatile and heartier than I expected. I've had it for about 6 months, used it a couple of dozen times and it seems to be getting better in time. I take good care of my bags, so no stains or anything, but it's getting squishier, which I really like.

    Your next BV will come soon enough, so meanwhile enjoy your existing BV's and this Kooba is a very nice alternative!
  10. So sorry to hear about your bag, Syma. I know I would have been devestated :sad:

    jane, I really like the Noce, but I'm an absolute klutz when it comes to light coloured stuff (as my Poudre handphone strap can attest to :shame:smile:, so I can only admire light coloured bags on others. I'm sure the perfect BV bag will come to you in time, and meanwhile, I'm really liking the Kooba bag you found as a substitute! :yes: