Who loves Juicy and isn't sick of it??

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  1. So, there was a post a while back that was recently resurrected and I even posted a response. I was just wondering who is not sick of Juicy? Who doesn't think it is too flashy or too much. Yes, Juicy can get out of hand with the prints and glitter on their track suits and tees but there clothes are fun and keep you young. Not everything is just jump suits but tops, shoes, and denim. Who else not only loves their jump suits but their other apparel?:tup:

    I :heart:love:heart: Juicy!! If you cannot tell.

    Think happy no mean or mad posts!! [=
  2. i :heart: juicy's tracksuits. everything else is a little overdone for me. its a little too young looking.
  3. they have some of the best dresses around I love them i slip on some flats i slip on a fab handbag and a the dresses are super chic.
  4. I still love my tracksuits! So comfy! :tup:
  5. I like Juicy! I really want a Daydreamer Tote! :tup:
  6. I'm 30 with 2 babies, but I still LOVE Juicy Couture! From their bags to their shoes (mostly flats) to their accessories! LUV LUV LUV IT!!!
  7. I :heart: Juicy Couture.
  8. LOVE it! I have accumulated so many tracksuits over the years--but I never get tired of them
  9. I don't like juicy logo, other than that I like it.
  10. :heart: juicy
  11. Juicy has some really great jacket/coats and sweaters this fall. Personally, I am a velour track suit junkie. In the fall and winter I love to come home at night and slip into these comfortable pieces.
  12. Me for sure...I use the track pants as pj pants (velour in winter, terry in summer) and have a couple of their coats and cashmere sweaters that I love to pull out in the winter time.
    I do have a few tshirts (I'm actually wearing one in my profile pic lol) but don't wear those *as* often.
  13. My teenage daughter loves Juicy.
  14. I like the plain velour sweatpants, and some of their clothes are very cute. I'm not at all into the logos. I do love some of the jewelry, as well. I just got the faux-diamond princess crown studs, the crystal peace sign earrings and the dagger necklace.
  15. love juicy, its great for at home,walking to dog or dashing to the supermarket. I love the terry tracksuits, i do have velour ones but i prefer terry! Its fun and girly