Who loves Ferrari red? I do!

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  1. I love smaller little bags for going out or outings where I normally wouldn't bring a really pricey bag. I'd been wanting a 'mini sling' bag for a long time - but seriously to pay the 300+ ppl wanted on eBay for such a little bag new or not was annoying to me - so I waited...... and made an offer to someone for 139.00. To my surprise they accepted right away & now I am the proud owner of this bag - NWTs in ferrari red! I LOVE this red. It is seriously gorgeous red red. I'll post pix later - but just wanted to share my happiness!! This is officallly my nice red Patriots/Red Sox bag :heart:

    Anyone else in love with this color?
  2. ME! I think it rocks!!
  3. I love ferrari red! :heart: For me it's the perfect pop of color. Congrats on your new purchase!!
  4. which red is brighter, ferrari red or cherrytart?
  5. Ooooooo Sexie!! Post pics! Post pics!!
  6. To me ferrari red is a richer color but cherry tart has a glossy sheen which makes it appear brighter.
  7. ^^ thanks melly, i was curious :smile:
  8. I love red bags, because they're sort of neutral; they go with almost any outfit, and they always "pop." Ferrari Red is a gorgeous color! I'd love to have a Blake in this color...(sigh)
  9. Ferrari red bags are so hot! And I completely understand needing to have the perfect sporting event bag! LOL! My black quilted wristlet serves me perfectly when I go to the Spurs game. Plus, you're ready for Valentine's Day!!

    Congrats kbell!!:yes:
  10. there was one on eBay that I think was already authenticated. it just ended with no buyers. $500 BIN. maybe the seller will relist
  11. who doesn't love a hot red? ferrari red is one of the best mj colors. congrats!
  12. It is relisted at a lower price! I was told!:angel:
  13. Here's a pix of my Ferrari red baby:
    Ferrari red.JPG
  14. OMG it's too cute for words!! :heart: Congrats!!
  15. She is adorable!!