Who loves BIG speedies? Let me enable speedy lovers..speedy 35 pics!

  1. I dont want to be a lurking stranger in here so I thought I'ld post at least 1 one of my LV babies. Ive always loved LV speedies but never had the guts to get the size 35 until a few months ago. My friends think it looks big on my tiny frame but I love the way it draws attention:graucho:. Now Im addicted to BIG bags. Im patiently waiting for my TREVI and will post pics when I get it!
    speedy 35.JPG speedy 35 2.JPG speedy 35 3.JPG
  2. aww its cute on you! cant wait to see your pics of you and trevi!
  3. I LVOE big speedies... I know I am one of the few, but since I am 5'8", the small ones just don't do it for me. I love my MC Speedy 30 and have debated getting another one. Got the Perfo Speedy 30, but don't care for the perfo, so looking into any of the other speedies, but def a 30 or 35... think I will go for the 35.
  4. a speedy 35 will look great on you with your height!
  5. Cute! I dunno if I can every stray from the 25 - I have 3 of them lol.
  6. uh oh...you should've not posted this.......now it'll be harder for me to decide whether i want a 25 or a 35 next!!! hehe
  7. I have the damier 25 and mini lin 30 but the 35 rocks:jammin:! Get the 35 hehe.
  8. it looks great on you btw!!!!
  9. so you would say that you wear the 35 more often? And how do you decide which size to wear since you have all 3?? LOL
  10. also, it seems as though you filled up your 35 quite well! what else can you find/need to fit in there? I feel like i wont have enough to put in my bag..and i think it would BREAK my wrist/forearm...lol when i carry my 30 and fill it with many things such as 2 wallets, 2 checkbooks, sweater, water bottle, camera, makeup, phone, etc..my arms feels like it's choking lol
  11. Ive used this only twice actually LOL Thats because I want some patina to set in before she goes full blast. Damier and mini lin may have to sit in the closet for the meantime. It all depends on my mood too. My mood now is to rock the 35 :graucho: And if I have less to carry, the 25 and 30 come in handy. :tup:
  12. I have a checkbook, pochette wallet, sunglasses, make up pouch, small umbrella, key holder and they dont feel heavy. I try to scatter them evenly at the bottom so it doesnt look saggy. But for some reason I love the saggy look too :graucho:
  13. Wow it looks great on you! I don't carry enough stuff to have a bag that big. I would use that for an overnight bag though...I love it! I carry a speedy 25 for everyday. I do love the 35 on you though. You are tiny but can pull it off.
  14. Its looks great on you! Its a big bag but it doesn't seem too overwhelming on you!
  15. I saw a fabulous woman in Starbucks once carrying a Mono 35 (I think!). I wanted to ask her about it but didn't because I was on my way out and she was right about it order. She just looked great with it and I wanted to confirm it was a 35.

    The 35 draws me in more so than 30. 25 is not an option for me at my size.

    And you look great with your 35!