Who loves a good quilted bag? The Matelasse quilting is AMAZING!

  1. Until I saw the Balenciaga Matelasse quilting in real life, I was fantasizing about a Marc Jacobs or classic Chanel quilted bag to add to my wardrobe.

    The was something about the "manufactured" quilt on MJ & Chanel was simply wasn't grabbing me. The stitch detail was all the same to me. Just your basic stitch detail over padded leather.

    I was feeling a little ho-hum over all this...Until I saw the Matelasse quilt detail up close. It's nothing short of a tailoring feat. Coming from a family of dress makers, I really appreciate the time that is invested in making a Matelasse bag.

    It all starts with a piece of ultra-smooshy, TDF Balenciaga leather that is 3 times the size of the bag's panel. It is then folded and pleated over and over again. Each little pillow hand stitched in place. The amazing tailoring feat happens when everything falls into it's place and that oversized piece of leather perfectly fits into the respective panel on the bag.

    I know there was a lot of feedback on the retail price of the Matelasse bags. However, if you saw this unique quilting IRL, it totally kicks butt on Chanel & Marc Jacobs quilting! :boxing: I decided to buy the medium (commonly mistaken for the large size because the medium size is more than ample). I invested $1700 and it has been worth every cent. I use my Ivory Matelasse more than any other bag and I find it holds just as much as the Work.

    Why am I writing this? I really don't think the Matelasse has been given the credit it deserves. If someone can show me any other quilted bag that remotely compares to the "tailoring feat" of the Matelasse, please let me know!



    ...and a couple more from the "Matelasse Club" thread...I have borrowed these pics because they are good examples of the superb quilting. The colours really suit quilting. The light colours like Ivory look fabulous with the light and shade contrast. Yet, the browns and deep colours like Violet look so freaking classy!

    Fred&Ginger's small Sienna



    aznkat25's medium Violet Matelasse...

  2. ^ Those are beautiful bags :heart: The quilting is amazingly pillow-like and these bags are still incredibly lightweight even though more leather must be used to construct the folds and quilting.
  3. WOW "K"... absolutely STUNNING!

    I have to say, when visiting Cosmo Shoes in SYD, the Matelasse was the main bag that I kept going back to and "fondling"

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  4. ^^ i love the matelasse b-bags :love:

    p.s. hopefully someday i'll have one too!!!
  5. The little mirrors are quilted too! They are sooooooo soft!
  6. :drool:
    I need a fainting emoticon!
  7. Woohoo!!! go KDC... your bag is gorgeous....the matelasse is AMAZING in person.
  8. I have been curious about the matelasse ( i don't know how to pronounce it either!!) ever since a there was a celebrites post of SJP carrying one. THANKS for the post~ They look yummy~ Love that the mirror is quilted too!

    Is the "small" version the size of a city??
  9. Stunningly GORGEOUS! :love:
  10. the quilting looks impossibly soft!! wow :smile:
  11. You just sold me!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! I am wanting a matelasse bag!!! One day I will hopefully have one in my hands!!!! I think they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!:love::love::love:
  12. THANKs KDC for this great thread!
    The Matelassè is a handicraft:love: masterpiece!The realization does not foresee seams, and that makes this bag:heart: only! I love love love love love mine:girlsigh:!

    P.S. Sorry for my :throwup:english....:wacko: .. :yucky:... :hysteric:
  13. it could make for a soft pillow. the shape is funky but cute.
  14. how gorgeous! you are making me want one!
  15. what she said!
    I agree, the quilties are so yummy and visually stunning. :love: