Who lives alone?

  1. Do you like it? 1 bedroom or studio? House?

    Thanks for any insights or advice. :flowers:
  2. I live alone right now but I'm moving back home in 2 weeks :P It's nice. I can walk around in my underwear. Haha.
  3. I don't now, but LOVED it when I did!:yes:
    I had about 900sq ft apartment in Houston.
  4. I live alone and have since 1992 in 2 different apartments and now my townhouse which I bought almost 4 years ago! I had roommates when I first graduated college and was starting my career and that was a blast too but I didn't want to do that forever.

    I love living alone. I can have people over when I want to and can just chill out when I want to. So although I live alone, I have never felt "alone," if that makes any sense! :smile:
  5. I live alone in a small one BR in nyc...

    It'sn ice living alone.. the whole being naked whenever I want is pretty cool. hahaha
  6. I used to love it... A lot of my friends were ok with studios but I had a one bedroom. I like having the division of rooms. I'm the kind of person though that loves having space and time to myself. Being alone never bothers me. It is more expensive, no one to split the bills with, but for me it was worth it.
  7. Hey Blue! Were you living alone in Chicago? Do you mind if I ask what neighborhood?
  8. I used to live in a duplex with a roommate... he had the bottom foor, I ahd the top, so it was basically a studio... we had our own bathrooms which was pretty cool, but our rooms were only separated by a staircase.. which kinda sucked... not total privacy.

    I also lived in a very tiny studio with a roommate.. and it blew.

    If you can afford it, live alone in either a studio or 1br... unless you get scared being alone... then a roommate always comes in handy.
  9. I've been living alone for 5 years, my current apartment is about 750 sq feet. The benefits of living alone are pretty clear, but for a few years now I've been restless to get a place with BF and start a new phase of my life. For 4 and a half years I've been spending weeknights at my place and weekends with BF, which is tiring, to say the least. BF and I closed on a condo two weeks ago and I move in this weekend. I'm nervous about having to share a space with another person full time, but I'm really excited to see him every day and feel "settled." Having to get home and pack every Friday night for the last, oh, 230 or so weeks has been crappy, and always felt somehow temporary.
    If I'd been single and dating all this time it would have been another story, though.
  10. 1 bedroom - love it for the most part. When bugs appear, I feel like I can't breathe. I hate bugs. That's about it.
  11. These are some interesting responses. I never had the chance to live on my own. I went straight from my mothers house into my husbands (I was 18-19yrs old). I dont think I would feel comfortable living on my own. All the noises (or lack there of) would freak me out.... plus bugs.... ugh.... and cleaning.... ick... cooking... I would starve or go broke from eating out.... Wow it would be a really sad existance for me.
    More power to you ladies for doing things on your own!
  12. The noises really bothered me at first. I remember my first night alone in my first apartment. I was lying awake in bed, and freaked out about getting murdered or raped or something. Like "oh my god, what am I doing? I could die alone here and it would be days before anyone knew." The extra scary thing is that a couple months after I moved in my elderly, single downstairs neighbor died and nobody found out for about a week!
    IMHO, that's the worst part of living alone. Not being taken to the morgue in a timely manner.
  13. I live in the city as well and I am in the process of buying a condo. When I lived in SD, I lived on my own and I loved it. I miss it. I mean if I want to put my hair brush in the frig, it will be there the next time I am looking for it. I mean I know that is silly, but I hate when people use my stuff and just dont put it back and then of course when I need it, I am looking ALL over for it!
  14. I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. I love it!!
  15. i shared my previous apartment with another guy, but he moved to Tennessee in November, so from then on until this June i lived alone, and i LOVED it!

    i live in a one-bedroom apartment now, but with my boyfriend. he'll be leaving at the end of the year, so i'll be living alone again. it's really nice to live alone, because you can do anything you want.

    pssstt... i used to walk around the house in just my underwear when i lived alone :graucho::lol:!