Who likes to see some HEAT STAMPING? ;)

  1. hey guys!

    i bought my mom a new wallet a while ago.. i coudln't wait until xmas :rolleyes:
    so i gave it to her right away in the boutique when we went there...

    well, i had no chance to post some pics since we live more than 400km apart :sad: but here they are :yahoo:


    it was so hard to choose where to put the heat stamp... so much nice red lining :heart:

    but i thought it looks best in the right corner..
    and i chose the golden initiales to match the hardware and to be the same colour as the "louis vuitton made in spain" stamp...

    and of course my mom was totally thrilled! =)
    since i kind of worked my b*tt off... (i go to uni.. not much money left after i pay bills, rent and buy stuff for myself hehe...)

    hope you guys like it :smile:

    .,.+*+.,.+*+.,. i wish you all a nice and merry christmas!!! .,.+*+.,.+*+.,. (and lots of LV presents ;) )
  2. Awww, you're so sweet! LVoe the heat stamp. Happy Holidays!!!
  3. very nice :yes:. merry xmas to u too!!
  4. looks great! i'm getting my MC speedy heatstamped this wednesday!
    merry x-mas!!
  5. Wow I didn't know that heat stamping looked so great! I'm definitely going to have my wallet heat stamped too! So nice! Can they do it on bags too?
  6. I love it, looks great!! How sweet of you!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  8. very nice!
  9. Very lovely.
  10. looks amazing!!
  11. OMG!!! LOVE IT!!! Looks Amazing. She is one lucky mom
  12. You're such a good child! It looks GREAT! Merry Christmas!
  13. oh that heat stamp looks great! I love heat stamps in gold, they look so shiny and sleek!
  14. Very nice! Great christmas to your present to your Mom!
  15. that's awsome.congrats.