who likes to lift HEAVY?

  1. Do you like to lift low reps? Can you lift your bodyweight or multiples? or aim to?

    Wanna talk about it?

    I took up compound lifting in May (it took me from FReburary till May to get started with a trainer who was prepared to teach me :cursing:) All the weight I've lost so far has been body fat. I've gained a couple of lbs muscle as well but that's not a priority right now.

    Heavy lifting makes me feel alive, lol! Not that I'm a masochist but the pain gives me a sense of satisfaction afterward :p. Plus aiming for certain targets makes me push myself even thought I don't have a trainer any more.

    Here's me deadlifting 50kg last month. (I'm up to 60kg now)

  2. Damn, woman! Way to go! :tup: I'm envious, I'm only at 80 lbs. right now for deadlifts.

    I started lifting heavy a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. This year I started focusing more on compound moves (bench press, row, squat, deadlift) for my weight routine, rather than do a body part split. I was focusing too much on smaller muscles and isolation moves, and wondering why I wasn't making much progress in terms of how much I could lift. Started a full body compound move plan, and voila - progress! Especially with my legs.

    My goal was to bench press my weight (135) by December, but I just had my boobs done, so no lifting for me for another few weeks. Even when I start again, I'll have to start lighter than normal and progress until I feel comfortable lifting heavy again.

    Keep up the awesome work! I'm in awe :nuts:
  3. I enjoy it, I don't do deadlifting exactly. But I like lifting with lots of weight.

    I know my body and my body doesn't respond to low weights/lots of reps. It never has. So I like to do larger weights and try and push my body in a safe way.
  4. I love lifting heavy weights, and just got back into it yesterday in fact! I am sooo OWWWW! today but it feels great, I haven't done any form of fitness for the last 3 1/2 years and SO is boing the body for life so I suppose I will work out too! I most prefer heavy weights on my legs, I used to do 380lb on the incline press and it was amazing for tone :yes: Now all I have to do is spend more time stretching out afterwards
  5. I'm working with a trainer now who goes with the theory of having me lift a lot of weight but only once a week to give my muscles time to rest. I've only been doing it four weeks, but every time I am able to lift more so it must be working. I don't know exactly how much I can lift but it sure as hell is hard!
  6. Good form on your deadlifts. I did notice you lean forward a bit on a few reps. Just be careful on that. You can easily hurt you back leaning too far forward on deadlifts and squats.
    Form is very important when lifting heavy, so focus more on form than on a numerical goal. If that makes sense.
  7. 380lbs, is that bench press or leg press? Either way, that's a good weight to put up.
  8. You're right, my problem is that I straighten my back last on DLs. Though, I only increase weights when I've got the form right on the current weight, if you see what I mean. The deadlift is just the hardest one for me to get 100%.
  9. I'm experiencing similar things. I'm losing the most body fat and slowly sculpiting with heavier weights.

    Once you recover from surgery fully, you'll be abke to go heavy at some point. No worries there.

    My first bench press goal is half my weight and I'm almost there. After that, I'lll just keep going till whenever. Given that I'm losing weight, the lifting stats and bodyweight will met in the middle somewhere :roflmfao:
  10. There is absolutely no way she could be putting up 380lbs on an incline bench press.
    Hell, 380lbs on a leg press is damn heavy. I was maxing about 420 on the leg press. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some strong females, but leg pressing 380? I don't know about that one.

  11. I thought it had to be leg press, after I posted.

    But yeah, there are some strong girls out there and don;t forget the power lifters. I know of a woman who deadlifts 462lbs with one hand, four fingers. She's a pro strong woman.
  12. Oh, I know there are some strong women, but it's a very small percentage. I mean, I read lifting forums and read journals and I have never seen any non-professional female able to leg press 380, but I'm sure there are some out there...evidently in Australia. ;)
    What's your leg press max?
  13. About 80 kilos (178 lbs) for 8 reps the last time I used a machine. normally I squat 45kg (100lbs) parallel and 40 kg (89lbs) ATG
  14. I love lifting heavy! I am planning on getting my personal training cert this winter after I graduate with my fitness degree and I plan on training at a gym where I can teach women that it is more than ok to lift heavy. Most of the women that I trained this summer at my internship thought that I was crazy when I took them to the "man" side of the gym (the free weight section).

    I found that not only are most women intimidated (I know I was at first) of the free weight section but they also have the misconception that by lifting heavy weights they will end up looking like those pro body builder women that look kinda like men. Those pro ladies probably dont even lift as much as you are! Its all about what you eat hormones. I am pretty sure those ladies shoot up testrone to look like that and then you have to stick to a crazy diet too that the normal person going to the gym is not eating.
    For older women espically you NEED to lift weights! Helps to build your bone density.
    Keep at it!
  15. I love weight training but don't have any ambition to lift my own weight:nogood:
    I love getting sore after a good workout, but don't prefer to try and lift heavier.