Who likes their bag to have 'feet'?

  1. Just pondering - I can see the point of feet to protect the bottom of a bag that stands up but I've seen 'feet' on squishy looking bags that collapse in the middle ( ie balenciagia)- what's the point of that?
  2. I don't really care if it has feet or not but if it DOES have feet, I like the smallish flat feet not the long pointy feet. Is this making sense?
  3. I have a squishy hobo una apres midi du chein that has feet on the bottom......don't even know why they are there because they do nothing to protect to bottom of the bag. But, I really like feet....but not huge ones.
  4. I love the idea... if it can keep the bottom from getting dirty I'm all for it. But nothing too heavy or big that stands out.

    My new Marc jazz bag has super flat ones... I think I'll have to test it on a glass table to see if it's really doing its job... lol
  5. I agree the idea is good, but most of my bags don't stand up by themselves anyway so sometimes I think they're just ruining the line of the design. Might be how I load things, maybe I need to consult a mechanical engineer.
  6. I love feet on my structured handbags like LV but I don't like it on smooshy bags that "collapse" when placed down. For example, Chloe paddingtons have feet and I always hate how the feet were exposed when carried (because the bags are squishy).
  7. ^ what she said :biggrin:
  8. i love feet~! haha i actually look for bags with feet on them, even though some of them are def. not structured enough to be standing up on its own. for some reason if a bag has feet, i automatically like it more. i guess even if the bag is slouchy, feet can't hurt, you kno?;)
  10. ^ i know the weekender has feet
  11. In theory, I like my bags to have feet because then I can set them down and not think that the bottom is getting all dirty. In reality, I don't really know if it makes a difference because most of my bags with feet, the bottom still touches whatever I've set it on. Also, I don't tend to put my bags down on the ground that often....so I guess I'm on the fence about feet. I like them in theory, but not sure if they actually do anything.
  12. I would like my bags to have feet so that I can put them on the ground without worrying, but if I really like the bag then I will still buy it even though it doesn't have feet.
  13. If the bag is floppy like a Balenciaga then I don't really see the point, but like with the LV Josephine, then it's a welcome addition.
  14. Yeah I like mine to have 'feet'. But only if they're more structured bags, like you say not much point if they're all squishy as they'll just collapse anyway!
  15. I like it on structured bags, but don't see the point on slouchy bags. I'd still buy a bag, feet or no feet if I like the design and they don't ruin the design.