Who likes the Dior saddle bags?

  1. thanks i should check it more often i can't believe they had the chinese one but it sold already :crybaby:
  2. love them
  3. I love them! Below is my first saddle bag--vintage pony hair and suede w/ brushed gold hardware. The picture could be sharper--there is some baroque pattern etched into the leather on some parts!


    There's a limited edition beaded peacock saddle bag I would DIE to have though.
  4. Wow, its lovely! Great saddle. MI only have 2 so far but yours is sure nice. I love saddle bag, I just dont like the fact that they are so small on the inside. It's hard to fit all my essentials...
  5. Hi,

    Does the pony hair/suede saddle bag have monogram lining inside of the bag? TIA
  6. i agree! :smile:
  7. Can anyone tell me the year the gold metallic ostrich saddle bag was produced and what the retail cost was? Thanks!
  8. Can someone please tell me the year the gold ostrich saddle bag came out and the approximate retail price? Thank you!
  9. ME ME ME!!! i LOVE the saddle bags... i even asked them if they could customize one for me, unfortunately they don't sell them anymore... i love the saddle wallet as well....