Who likes the Dior saddle bags?

  1. I agree on the Must Have quality of it.

    The Con? It's so annoying to fit stuff in! But totally worth it... I get many, many compliments on the bag when I do wear it.
  2. Those are some lot of pictures you posted of the saddles! Do you own any?

  3. I only have rasta saddle.;)
  4. I have a few saddle bags. They are very comfy and great fun to wear.
  5. I LOVE the saddles! That's what got me into Dior bags! I was only a fan of Dior sunglasses at first then I started seeing all of the beautiful saddles and just fell in love! I only have 3 saddles but would have 4 if I didn't sell one of them last year :cursing: at myself for doing it LOL! I wish Dior would bring them back because Dior hasn't been the same without them IMO. Here are my 3 and I'm looking for a lot more! The one below is the one I sold and regret it to this day!
  6. That's the one I want!!!! I don't feel that my saddle bag collection is complete without it!:love: It's also one of my favorites!:biggrin:
  7. I like them but I don't love them
  8. I LOVE them, and just bought one last month!! There is an outlet mall in Orlando, that has a Dior outlet. I got the large gaucho bag in red for about $900!!!! They had a whole wall of them in different colors and sizes!
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    I love your collection! We have the same taste in saddles. I too have the Hardcore and Adiorable saddle bags along with a white leather with silver hdwr and a black nylon with black patent piping. Making that a total of 4 saddles. :biggrin:
  10. Thanks Janice! We sure do have the same taste! I'm just so mad that Dior got rid of them!:cursing: There are so many more I want and now I have to check eBay constantly to see if the ones that I'm looking for come up..they need to bring them back that's for sure!:yes:
  11. I love the small one. But I never used the purse.

  12. I love saddles too and wish Dior would start making them again! Could never figure out why they were discontinued. :sad: Such a unique, eye-catching shape.
  13. ITA, they are so cool.
  14. i wish they would bring the saddle back..