Who likes the Dior saddle bags?

  1. Or am I the only one that still does and digs the shape?
  2. You are definitely not alone :biggrin: I think the majority - if not all - of the Dior addicts here love saddles and wishes that they would start making them again!
  3. I love gauchos!!!!! :d forever
  4. Naawwww!! I do, I do and I still do. I want to get one. Where can I get nice ones? eBay has very limited choices. I remember that saddle bags are being worn a lot in Sex and The City.
  5. I have a limited edition one, love it but I also love real english saddles too!
  6. Yay! I really want a gaucho one. Maybe someday. Those look like very practical bags.
  7. I think the saddles are rather timeless and will always be great bags!
  8. I don't like the gaucho, but I LOVE the classic dior saddle... So no, you're not alone.
  9. love love love saddles, one of the most original bags ever:graucho:
    8c50_3.JPG 86608928_o.jpg d2d6_1.JPG RastaSingleSaddle_2.jpg 6de4_3.JPG
  10. more beautiful saddles
    a3fb_12.JPG DSC09935.JPG s4200090.jpg diorgoldfront.jpg dr.JPG
  11. the Paris 50 one in Nat's first crop of pics is my all time fave:smile:
  12. i love the saddle bags especially the limited editions . thanks nat for sharing all those pics.

    the gold one looks so chic
  13. I love the saddles, especially the more extravagant beaded versions and in the more luxe fabrics. Then again, maybe I just love saddles period--I also have 6 (real) saddles for three horses (and a very lenient husband lol).
  14. Thanks for the beautiful pics nataliam - I still love my plain black leather saddle. Wherever I've hidden it from myself :thinking:
  15. I think saddle is one of those bags that is a must have in any bags collection.