Who likes my new bag??

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  1. Ok so it's "NEW" to me :P I'm new to the forum (been a Coach fanatic since I was 17 and walked into Foleys (at the time) and dropped $400 on my first love)

    I'm now 24, and definatley more wise with me money lol. I snagged this Pink Coach Parker on ebay for $150. That was a steal to me considering I almost always pay $300 for Coach bags. Yes it's used, but like I said..

    it's new to me!!

    Anyone know of any super chic, super cute wallets to go with? I don't care if it matches or not. I like all things pink, I DEF DEF DEF like the new Poppy Demi Wallets that come in Mettalic and Gold (just can't find it anywhere besides the Coach store).


    Any ideas where I can find the Poppy Demi Wallet for somewhere cheaper than the Coach store??
    I really would DIE for this one.. Style 44060 The Silver metallic looking wallet.
  2. Love your bag! The pearly pink is beautiful! Congrats.
  3. cute!
  4. We are bag twins....I have that one and love it...the rosegold hardware really make it pop!
  5. Cute!! The Parker leather is so smooshey! Love it!
  6. Love it! We are bag cousins...I have this bag in graphite and am actually using it today. It's so comfy!
  7. I totally love that color!! Very pretty!
  8. congrats on your new bag! and welcome to TPF! :tpfrox:
  9. I like it! I'm a fan of the Parker line, too. I have 3 Parker Hippies.
  10. I love Parkers! Great find!
  11. Love it!
  12. I like it. I almost bought the same one at the outlet last week, but instead I found something that was more "me". They do make wallets that match. Otherwise try ebay or bonanzle for a good deal on a new/used wallet. And remember to get it authenticated here to be sure.
    And welcome to tPF!
  13. Lovely. I like the colour. I hope you enjoy her :smile:
  14. Luv that pink pearl color, OP -- congrats!
  15. Very pretty [ink bag. Welcome to the forum, you will love it here, Anne