Who likes Mint?

  1. Has anyone bought the mint that would like to post a photo? I understand that all the mint Barcelonas sold out in pre-order. Would love to hear from someone who ordered it.:smile:
  2. I would also love to see a photo of a bag in mint. Tropicalgal after your posting about the mint color I have a totally different opinion of a bag in this color. I would never have thought that it was such a great neutral and usable color leather.
  3. Yes, Can anybody share it here?
  4. I am seeing mint leather bags all over the malls it really is a big color for summer.
  5. Here she is, girls. Sorry, my life has just been "chaotic" to say the least. Changes at work which make it necessary to work through lunch; come in early, leave late. Plus my 93 year old mother is now living with Ron and me. Little did he know that retirement would be like this ... but he was agreeable and I have someone who comes in from 10-4 weekdays to give him a "break". Mother is fully mentally capacitated and able to get around on a walker (short distances) but other than breakfast, cannot do her meals. So, it's been a real challenge - had to completly re-do the house to accommodate her. But you've only got one mother. Judy was just in and out of the hospital so much that we had to do it; better than getting a 01:30 phone call saying "Rescue is here to get me, you've got to come get your mother" and I had to get up 4 hours later to get ready for work. This is actually working out well, plus mother and I are having time to "bond". Judy is also doing well - it's all related to her underlying systemic Lupus. Now she's living alone and just has to take care of herself - after she got over the "separation anxiety", she's loving it. More than you wanted to know, of course, but wanted to let yhou know why you seldom see posts from me anymore. I'm hoping to post more regularly in the future.

    This is actually a pretty neat style. It's like a flatter version of the Treasure Me where the top zips open to reveal the interior (when unfolded). This interior has a center zippered section (which does come out). The back has a wide/deep slip pocket that travels the entire length and height (when folded) of the body. The front has two gusseted snap closure pockets that are about 3-1/2 X 3-1/2 square. The rings to attach the messenger are located down the sides. It does not have a zipper traveling around the sides/bottom that would allow you to adjust the depth but I don't think it would look good on this particular style; too "busy". The handles are flat and about 3/4 inch wide. The drop is for toting; not long enough, even for a secure shoulder carry. But, the strap allows for both shoulder and messenger carrying.

    I actually ordered a stock bag (on pre-order) but when it arrived, it had a stain so they contacted me to give me a choice of sending a photo so I could see it and opt for taking the bag at a discount or having Marco make me a new bag. I chose the latter and was was given a choice of lining and hardware - so kind of like a BEC but for the stock price - which I really appreciated. I opted for the standard issue fuchsia and the light gold (which they originally were going to call "platinum", which is what was on the stock bag anyway - resembles the pale gold you see on a Gucci bag. The color combination is nice. I had them leave off the shoulder pad on the strap. Didn't want to have to do "surgery" like Lovie and TLovesHim.

    The color is very pretty - a true mint green like you are seeing in the magazines. It's a creamy color of green - I'd describe it as "seafoam". There are no gray or blue undertones as you can see from these photos. It's also a tough leather with a texture. Kind of stiff now but once it wears in, it will be very durable. (It's a chevre).
    TPF Leather.jpg TPF Front Pocket.jpg
  6. Here are more pictures. (Front unfolded, front folded, back, interior and hardware closeup).
    TPF Front Unfolded.jpg TPF Front Folded.jpg TPF Back.jpg TPF Interior.jpg TPF Hardware.jpg
  7. Larke, how are you liking the mint???
  8. Larke, I love your bags! Your photos have me wanting to try the Hold Me!
  9. I adore adore adore mint.
  10. Thanks Larke for the pictures that mint bag is just stunning. Love the color.
  11. If you look under the different colors on the website, you will see other items for sale, including a mint Florence, if anyone is interested!