Who likes Mint?

  1. I've been looking at this colour in the Barcelona and I really like it. I prefer the Barcelona folded but what I really want to know is who likes the Mint leather, who would buy it and, most importantly, what would you wear this colour with?
  2. I do like the color but think I need a swatch to see its true undertones. It looks like it may have a strong gray tone to it that would make it very versatile. :smile:
  3. Hi Vanbod,

    I think the color is lovely but I, personally, would have a tough time matching it. I would also be curious as to how it wears--what would scuffs and marks look like over time? Would it age beautifully like some brown and black leathers or would it get 'scruffy' after awhile.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a barcelona tote--it is my top contender of styles out there in terms of the new designs, but my nature would have me get it in black or whiskey. In terms of color, I would try a deep red (bordeaux), jade or navy but this mint is too light for me.

    Still, that doesn't mean it isn't right for you--just not for me.
  4. Tejas, did you see that the Paris Tote will be available in mahogany? Now there is a leather that I would like to see. The lightest bag I have is cream pebbled - but it doesn't really get scruffy if you spray it well with Wilson's and give is a good wipe down once in a while. Those pebbled leathers are amazing. The mint looks to have an almost sueded surface (but I could be wrong about that) so I'd be a bit more worried about it.

    Still, it is pretty. I'm thinking it would look great with white, cream, lighter blues but I'm interested to know how other would mix it.
  5. I think the mint is gorgeous and its very tempting to get it in the Florence. It would look good with any pale pastels or spring-y brights. However, I'm not sure if I would purchase that color counting on it being an everyday bag. I wish the Florence came in a darker, neutral option as well since that is the style I am most interested in.
  6. I love love love the mint. I think it goes with...everything. If you look in Vogue, they are mixing odd colors of handbags with everything. I think mint goes with all summer colors -- white, etc. and also, it would look good with black. So I really think it is a uber cool neutral color. I think the Florence in Mint would be a perfect bag. I don't think I would get a huge bag in mint, though. Keep it small and sassy.
  7. Vanbod--I would love to see the mahogany, too--that sounds gorgeous. The Paris Tote just isn't for me-that hardware looks too fussy on the top to put things inside the main compartment with the buckles--I'm not sure how that all works. And lots of hardware is not my thing. After carrying the London Tote Midi and the Tote Me Midi, I find those are my two all time favorite styles.

    You ladies are far more fashion forward than I am in terms of how to pair up a color such as mint. I don't do light colors in general except for cream. I would love to see how you mix this color with other things!
  8. Oh, I think this color is super chic! So cool and classy. Which, of course, means it is not for me, lol. I am way more shabby chic or hippie lazy so cool and classy? Not so much. But, I love this bag and love this color. The Barcelona is very intriguing to me. I like the carry options and it looks great folded over. The pockets are cute, too. I just don't wear many cool, light or pastel colors so would be afraid to take a chance on it. It would be gorgeous with creams, browns, camel even blacks and navy for sure. Just not necessarily my palette. The leather looks really luxe like it would have a wonderful feel to it.
  9. Here's how to make "mint" a simple concept. Just consider it white. It is a light bag. It goes with everything. You don't have to matchy match it. It will make any outfit just look special. Jeans and a white shirt, with mint. A beige linen dress, with mint. See?
  10. TG, I had never thought of that...and it works. It has also given me more ideas of how to wear my cream pebble TMA Midi! I'm a sucker for outside pockets (it's one of the things i love about the TMA) and the pockets on the Barcelona, with the padded ridges and the interesting clasp have grown on me! Love that detailing.
  11. I'm with you...if it has the gray/silver sagey undertones it would be an awesome neutral (and that's the way it looks on my monitor). But if irl the undertones are more yellowy, it wouldn't work as great for me.

    We'd love to see some irl pics of it, Vanbod! Wink wink...nudge nudge!:lol:
  12. I love the mint and ordered a stock Barcelona. Thought is was a "clunky satchel" but once I saw it could be folded over, I was a goner. I've read in three different magazines now ... two Hollywood rags and one fashion magazine ... that mint will be the "it" color for Spring. They are wearing it in Los Angeles right now since the weather there is pretty constant all year. All kinds of things ... mint clothing items, mint shoes & bags, mint scarves, you name it, it's mint.
  13. Be sure to post pictures for us Larke when you get this!!
  14. While I love Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (that was mt first thought when I saw this thread title!!) I have no mint accessories or clothing....I'd love to see a "real life" photo of a mint colored BE!

    Has anyone gotten one yet?
  15. Larke! Do you have your mint Barcelona yet? If so, we need to see pictures! I've seen mint everywhere too. I've also seen vermillion everywhere. Naturally, I don't have any mint or vermillion because I am always one step behind what's in. By the time I catch up, styles and colors are already different!