Who likes Hell's Kitchen?

  1. This guy cracks me up, he is so bad!!!

    I think this years contestants are terrible, no one seems like a real chef. They seem like graduates from tech school or somthing.
  2. they aLL suck this year..LOL...NONE of them can cook it seems!
    YET VERY entertaining...wonder if it was deliberate...HMMMM!!???
  3. I have worked for chefs like him then I quit.
  4. I havent seen this but i watch Gordon Ramsey's F Word and his Kitchen Nightmares on channel 4.
  5. Does anyone else what Top Chef? I watch the two; it is so painful to watch how idiotic the "chefs" are on Hells Kitchen. Where do they find these people? I love Chef Ramsey; he cracks me up.
  6. I LOVE Chef Ramsey...

    "OH COME ON....you F***ING, AS****** stupid Cow"...

    He comes up with some of the most vial things...

    Last night it was something like..."OH for FU*K SAKE.....FU*K me sensless"....lol....:nuts:
  7. i love this show!!
  8. My favorite so far is Rock!
  9. i luv it. chef ramsey is so crazy. i wonder what the customers think when they hear him screaming at them.
  10. lol, I like this programme aswell. I'm assuming you're talking about the US version? I watched the last series and they were all just awful, how hard is it to do a task which he briefed you on before service! Ramsay's the best :biggrin:!
  11. I love this show! My husband came up behind me tonight as I was cooking dinner and yelled " Come on you f*****g Donkey! Move it!!" I laughed so hard I almost fell over. :roflmfao:
  12. Chef Gordon Ramsey has a stank attitude. And you know that they're all acting anyway, because if he talked to people in the real world the way he talks to these people, his ass would have been whipped many times over already.

  13. This years contestants are stupid F*****g donkeys!!!!
    I wouldn't want to eat any place these people are cooking. Chef Ramsey is hilarious!!
  14. :roflmfao:

    I love this show and agree with everyone that they all suck! I loved it when the first girl got kicked off after making fun of Julia from the Waffle House. Rock is the only one I could really see winning.

    Does anyone watch The Next Food Network Star? I love that one too and boy do they all suck as well!
  15. Apparently, you have never worked in a restaurant kitchen. The more well known the head chef aka Ramsey, the more their 'tude is. It all has to do with weeding out the dead weight. Even on Top Chef, the critics give some major attitude to the contestants. Just not as vulgar as Chef Ramsey. IRL, it is worse. But the amount of experience these people are getting is priceless. They learn more in 3 months with these chefs than they do over a couple of years working for a lesser chef.