Who likes Black Studs??? Help me decide! REVEAL....

  1. I have to say the packaging was GORGEOUS!

    I ordered from the FP store, and this was the first bag I ever received that came in a gift box:





    I didn't even ask for the gift box, but this was such a special bag....
  2. Let's see!
  3. Studded Onyx Penny!


    Did you notice the studs were black? I thought they would be antique nickel, like the dogleash clips. A little disappointed. :sad:

    But it IS a beautiful bag. And the workmanship is about as nice as I've ever seen.




    I think this is the first bag I've gotten that photographs better than it looks in person. In the photos, you can see some reflectivity from the light source. This makes the studs look like shiny metal. IRL, the studs are matte black. I don't know if I like this. :shrugs:

    I mean, it IS beautiful, but I am not a person who wears a lot of black. It is very stark on me. (I have light skin, light hair, low contrast features, and a somewhat conservative style.) I was hoping to go slightly edgy with this bag, but not THAT edgy.

    What do you think of the black studs?

    Sometimes when I look at the bag in certain light, I think I see antique nickel studs. In other light, they are muddy black. Or do you think they are Chanel-esque? Valentino-esque?

    Should I keep it? It was a little pricey: $298 minus PCE discount. I really needed a small black bag with silver hardware. I was hoping this would be it.

    Don't know what to do. Please help!
  4. I like it! Very classy looking.
  5. Love it. It's gorgeous. :smile:
  6. Very nice , I agree that it is a little pricey for a penny, but still a pretty bag. You might grow to love it. It doesn't hurt to hang on to it for a while and see if it looks better in a few days.
  7. I love it!
  8. More pics. Penny is my favorite bag. :love:


    The closure is a magnet snap. It seems to stay closed if you use the snap. If you just use the magnet and turn it over, I think the weight of the studs opens the flap. So if you are tossling the bag around, make sure the snap is closed. I am fine with the closure.

    Just like the other Pennys, it has the front pocket and the rear inside pocket.



    The dogleash clip is attached differently, with a grommet instead of a D-ring:


    I think they are calling the hardware color "antique nickel". But this doesn't apply to the studs. They are matte black pyramid studs. They give the illusion of being shiny in certain light, but are matte black in other light. The studs were cooler to touch than the leather which made me think they were metal and not plastic or resin, but I really don't know. They were attached beautifully in perfect rows. They did not appear to have a shiny coating on them like the brass studs I saw in the store. That part is OK with me.

    The onyx Penny in the OPs of the TPF preview thread had a partial chain strap. This bag does not have a chain strap - just a regular leather double strap. I am OK with that too.

    So the only "antique nickel" hardware is (are?) the dogleash clips and the magnetic closure snap.
  9. OMG I live this bag so much! Love love love the black studs. Congrats!
  10. And last of all, a mod shot. This blue leather jacket is my motivation for getting this purse. Of course, if I keep it, I will wear it with a lot of outfits, but this jacket really needed a coordinating purse:


    (Yes, I smudged my messy bedroom background. :p )

    So what do you think? Should I keep it? Do the studs make it look muddy? Would you wear this in a business casual office (or a casual casual office)?

    Please help me decide!

    Thank you! :flowers:
  11. I like it. I really like this so much better than the brass/black combo on the other bags. It looks great on you too!
  12. I absolutely love the way the black studs look! I like the antique brass studs but I LOVE the black studs - I think edgy is definitely the right word to describe it. Congrats! :smile:
  13. I love the black on black, looks sharp! I would lovvvve this combo in a Large Haley!
  14. Oh no, this is a huge fail for me! I was so looking forward to nickel or gunmetal studs. If you like the black keep it - I think it looks great on you. But for me it's a no.

    Oh well. More money for other bags. I was just so EXCITED for the studded bags, and it's all brass, rose gold, and matte black. WTF? Where's the silver, nickel, and gunmetal?
  15. I love it! The black on black looks great! Congrats!