1. [​IMG]NM has new Prada runway bags..rabies shots included...ROFL..UGH...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. **Humming to ADAMS FAMILY THEME SONG**
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. WTF??? Seriously how have they gone so wrong??
  7. this one looks surprisingly hot carried by victoria beckham - celebrity thread

  8. I totally agree!! I didn't like it until I saw her w/ it..I still wouldn't buy it...
  9. ^I still feel the urge the get a rabies vaccine in order to carry the fringe bag..LMAO..Sorry...EEK!
  10. LOL! Yeah that bag needs a shave:nuts:
  11. HATE the fringe bag - and even though VB carried it, it didnt change for me -

    What was Prada thinking when they designed that line?????
  12. She makes this bag look *terrific*!!! She could probably set a trend of carrying a plastic garbage bag and it would look good!!:yes:

  13. I like this one! I think it would look great on the right person... not saying I could pull that off.

  14. This one I do have in my basket (amongst a dozen others!!!) as a maybe. I like it!!! :yes:

  15. It's all hideous! Haha,@ adams familiy theme. :wlae: