Who knows their browns?

  1. Is cinnamon/mogano just like marron04 or is it redder?
    Would you say that Cinnamon is like Bordeaux with a dash of Rouille?
    And which shade do you think is the truest deep chocolatey brown?
    Help!!! All these brown shades are driving me insane...:nuts:
  2. Do a search for Cinnamon and you should find plenty of new threads with pics to help you along.

    Although to me, it looks like you're lusting for a Cinnamon. A deep chocolatey brown for certain.

    If you want BordeauxXRouille, you may be looking for Tabac/Sienna: here.

    There are some pics posted here by ally and here by luv2eat.

    Oh, and one more of an available Cinnamon Day: here. It, all of it, is YUM.
  3. Thanks so much REREsaurus!!! That was great!

    The Cinnamon does look a bit like Marron 'l. I compared it to badbananagirl's marron '04 first just now. =)

    I think I want something that's just a plain brown with no red. Like dark chocolate or coffee?
  4. The Cinnamon IRL doesn't really have that much red in it. It is a very rich brown.

    Maybe you should try Truffle?
  5. I will go look!
  6. Hey Mas,
    I just got the cinnamon and also own a marron 04. The cinnamon is much deeper but very similar.
    I think marron is closer to grenat than bordeaux. Bordeaux is more burgundy red, while grenat seems to have a touch more brown. At least the grenat I owned. I think hm has a grenat that is more red.

    If you want true chocolatey brown, than you want choco 05.

    I'm away for the weekend but will try to get pics of my marron 04 and cinnamon together on Monday.
    For now, here is grenat and marron twiggys.

    Cheers, Carolyn

    grmar.jpg marrongrenat3.jpg
  7. ^I just wanted to add, the cinnamon is really hard to photograph. I tried last night, but the pics just depeicted the bag as dark and shiny. It changes depending on the light. It can look dark walnut to almost black in dim light/night. Bright red in full sun thru my green Ray Ban sunglasses, rich brown in shade.
    It is in the same color family as the marron 04, just three shades darker maybe. ANyway, I'm thrilled with mine. The leather is fantastic, and feels like it will wear in beautifully. WIll end up having the different tones and depths that the marron 04 twiggys (not cities unfortunately) have..
    Cheers, Carolyn
  8. I've never seen Cinnamon IRL, but I have 04 Marron and Cinnamon looks nothing like Marron(at least in the pics I've seen). 04 Marron is reddish brick brown, whereas Cinnamon is a dark chocolate color with a hit of red in it. Some Grenats seem to be similar to Marron, like sunspark pointed out. But my Grenat is a red Grenat, very similar to RT.

    If you want plain chocolate brown, you should consider 07 Cafe as well as 05 Chocolate. I own Cafe and I adore the color:heart:
    Truffle may be too light for what you're looking for, but I'll just post mine.

    Here are pics of my Grenat and Cafe:heart:



    And my Truffle.

  9. Aww Tooshies - your cafe!! At least now I can say you're not torturing me!
  10. You're so right about photos sunspark! And outside and inside, with flash, without flash, etc. Sometimes I look at my bag in the car and it has a whole new color depending on the sun, and in the house it's a different color, and at the office a different color still! But isn't it a gorgeous color?? Do you love your leather? Where are your pics?!!!!:woohoo:
  11. Ally I love the leather, I actually haven't loved a "brand new" bag this much ever. Usually I prefer vintage cause they're broken in and slouchy. Pics coming next week as I am camping this weekend and supposed to be getting ready now (bbags are much more fun). But I think the pics posted of the day and city previously are good representations. Convinced me to buy my cinnamon lol.
  12. OK, finished packing for camping and am now waiting for dh and the kids to finish floating down the river cause it's too hot to drive:sweatdrop:

    Took pics of my cinnamon and marron 04 twiggy for comparison.
    First shot is indoor with natural light
    Next two shots are outside in sunlight
    Last shot is in shade
    cinnmarindoor.jpg cinnmarcomp.jpg cinnmarcomp2.jpg cinnmarshade.jpg
  13. [​IMG]
    Oh Sun! That cinnamon is ahhggg!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts: That means beautiful!!! Don't you love the leather? Both your bags are oh my gosh!!! Is the leather the same?
  14. Thanks Ally:smile:

    The leather on the 04 is very broken in, thin, supple, silky. Almost fragile, but not. It's got a very "fine" feeling. It's actually very beat up and almost worn out. This was a much loved bag lol.

    The cinnamon, obviously, is brand new so it still has that "unscrumpled" feeling to it. Feels thin, lightweight, silky, not spongy or puffy like my 06 red. The leather feels cool when I slide my hand over it. That probably makes no sense whatsoever, but if someone understands and can put it into better words, please try.

    I'm thinking the 07 leather will break in like the 04 or 05. Leather is so hard to describe or define. I really do love this leather though. Makes sense I guess, since most of my bags are 03-05.
  15. Mas I think my indoor shot with natural light best represents the color of my cinnamon. Hope that helps you out.