who knows hermes romance belt's price and Hermes Printed Cashmere's price at europe

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  1. my sis would go italy next week
    I want to know hermes romance belt's price and Hermes Printed Cashmere's price
    thk u guys for helping

    here is pic of romance belt


    here is pic of printed cashmere

  2. I believe both of these are on the Hermes web site. Perhaps check there?
  3. i tried to check it on hermes (france) web,but both of it is unavailable. T_T
    my friend told me that hermes(usa) website has both of it,but i want to know its price in europe.
  4. perhaps you can call one of the Hermes store in Europe... since these are not birkins, i am sure the SAs there would love to help yoU!
  5. As the prices vary from country to country like taxes do too it will be difficult to tell the exact price.
    For example in Austria there is a tax of 20 percent.
    My experience when traveling in Europe is that you can save about 1 or 2 percent not more.
    Don't expect to get a bargain in Europe.

  6. Van is austria price similiar to france price?
    and what is the % tourist can get refund on?
  7. do u have hermes(italy) number ?
  8. The Romance belt is GBP405 here in London. :smile:
  9. all the store contact information are listed on Hermes.com!

    you can find out the location of the cities and call them accordingly!
  10. @robee Yes. Maybe there is a difference about 5 Euros sometimes. The only difference is Swiss and UK as they have different currencies than Euros. It sure makes a difference, if you buy a bag, but as we all know - it is more of a chance to never get the one thing you like again, if you don't grap it when you see it.
    I saw a SO Black Kelly bracelet in Hamburg/Germany in May and didn't buy it just because I was not searching for a bracelet that day. Guess what? I'd so love to wear one ...

    I have no clue about tax refund as we don't have such a thing in the European Countries and I didn't leave Europe for yrs now. But I think there is a thread about it here ...
  11. van - thanks a lot for your helpful info and insights:biggrin:
    i hope to visit there one day:biggrin:

    i hope u find the soblack double tour, they are really rare and i wish i can find one too