Who knows any manufacturer outlet stores that sell designers’ handbags on line?

  1. I have heard that there are online stores that sell designers’ goods at a very discounted price. I hope that I will hear a reply from you soon.:search::wondering:shrugs:
  2. is it that hard question??!!:confused1:
  3. Kate Spade has done an online outlet sale once a year. I'm not sure when or if they will do it again...if you ask them I'm sure they would tell you.
  4. you don't have to be rude, no one will respond to your posts that way
  5. please give time for people to answer, not everyone is sitting online waiting to answer questions! :nogood:
    Now having said that, I do not know of any but if I see some I will post!
  6. overstock.com?
  7. smartbargains.com, bluefly.com

    Keep an eye on the Deals and Steals section, you will see other websites mentioned.
  8. I am really so sorry for any unintentionally offend:sad:. What I meant from (hard question) is that I thought it’s really hard to find manufacturer outlet online, as I have been searching for too many weeks and spending a lot of hours on the search engines but without any result. I find this question hard if I was asked the same question and I thought it the same with you guys. Please don’t take it the wrong way. I did mean to insult your intelligence or that sort of thing. It might be my english that didn’t help me out with the right word or phrase. Sorry again and thanks a lot for your help
  9. M.A. H. : I knew what you meant. I wasn't offended..I figured you had been searching without success.
  10. thanks for your understanding
  11. I think for the most part, designers don't offer up their sample sales online. Kate Spade, Gucci, Botkier and Bulga are the rare ones that I know of that do. Otherwise, overstock.com, bluefly.com, neimanmarcus.com, saksfifthavenue.com, bergdorfgoodman.com, etc. are the only ones that I know of that sell the designers on sale...
  12. Nothing to worry about, we're all here to look for a good deal :yes:. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Don't forget the harden-harnett sale that was online recently, and the gucci semi-annual sale too. Oh yeah, and Burberry.
  14. By any chance do you know when Gucci si going to offer there Sample Sale?
  15. They just ended their summer sale. The next one won't be until winter, beginning december I think.